Why Vintage Style Bra is Better than Modern

While sporting brassieres or bras date way back to 100 years, let’s face the truth, ladies. It’s just impossible to find the perfect bra that is both comfortable and good looking. You begin to question, has the quality of bras been compromised? Well, to a certain extent, the answer to this question is yes!

The quality and look of bras have surely evolved over the years, but there’s just something about vintage bras. No matter how fancy and flashy modern bras look, vintage bras are a definite must-try with their unique design. In this article, you will learn all about vintage bras. You will also know how much you have missed out on if you haven’t tried them just as yet!

Why Vintage bra?

Vintage bra is all about their unique design, paired with comfort. This bra goes well with vintage clothing, which is sure to leave you feeling confident and graceful. It also allows for a particular look which no modern bra can. Want to know more reasons why you should opt for a vintage bra? Keep reading!

  • Unlike the modern bra, the vintage bra is all about top quality and workmanship. 
  • The sewing of the vintage bra is such that its seams won’t fall apart. This helps in giving great shape and support. And hey, seams are what bras are all about!
  • The fabric of the vintage style bra is of a smooth texture. This is sure to provide you with a lot of comfort. 
  • The vintage bra comes with an extended bottom, which looks like a half-corset. This helps in giving more support while making you look slim.
  • The vintage bra is delicately designed with an artsy, attractive look.

Unraveling the misconception behind vintage bras

There are a few misconceptions about vintage bras with regard to their design and comfort. This may be the reason why women tend to overlook vintage bras and opt for modern bras instead. So what are these misconceptions that are letting you miss out on these vintage bras? Let’s find out.

  • All the women out there know how important underwires are in a good bra as it gives that support and lift. And as vintage bras don’t come with underwires, women tend to judge its design and quality. However, don’t be misunderstood because these amazingly soft vintage bras do actually give a great lift. What’s more, they also give out a great shape in the most accurate size.
  • When you think about vintage style bras, you are immediately reminded of their bullet shape and start getting conscious of how it will look. The truth is, the bullet shape of vintage bras is not visible under clothing! In fact, it makes for a narrow profile and gives an extra lift with an hourglass shape. However, if you’re opting for a bullet shape, you can insert bullet bra pads to fill the cup of your vintage bra.

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Things to remember when buying vintage bras

By now, if you’re somehow convinced that vintage bras are the go-to bras for you, you’re on the right track! While you can purchase vintage bras online or any local store near you, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before doing so. 

Measure your size

Before deciding on opting for a vintage bra, it is important to know your measurements first. This way, you will be able to know how well the vintage bra will fit you without having to look through the seams and bands. 

Style of the bra

Not only is it important for your vintage bra to be comfortable while providing ample support, but its style also matters. You need to keep in mind what you’re going to be wearing over it to create the look. For example, if you’re going retro with your clothes, you need to ensure that your vintage style bra allows for the retro look you’re aiming for. This is so because vintage bras go along better with vintage clothing.

Differentiating between the new and old stock

Another point to remember is that vintage bras are not new. Yes, most vintage bras are packed and stored for decades. So you need to check them properly and ensure that there are no flaws. You’ll also find vintage bras that have never been worn with their tags still intact. It is recommendable that you go for these bras as they are likely to be new old stock!

Firmness of the bra

You will also have to make sure that the vintage style bra is still firm. A lot of things can go wrong if you’re wearing a vintage bra, or any other bra for that matter, that has been worn out. So you need to ensure that the bra is in perfect condition, one which you’re happy with. Also, if you know a store where you can get vintage bras, make sure you do your homework before making the purchase. This will help save some of your precious time.

Vintage and modern sizing

While choosing a vintage bra, vintage sizing is necessary. As you are well aware, there are many modern bras that take inspiration from vintage bras while using modern sizing. And there’s a lot of difference between these two sizings. So, make sure that you choose a vintage bra that fits you well while also providing comfort and support. 

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Now that you know how vintage bras are as great, or even better, than modern bras, don’t second guess purchasing them. It does not mean that you need to sport these vintage bras only! But some occasions will demand you to wear these vintage bras according to what you wear. And yes, these vintage bras will make you feel free underneath your clothing without the underwires. You can just imagine how that feels- the freedom! So go ahead and grab the vintage bra that best suits you and flaunt your body while feeling extremely confident about yourself.

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