When Vintage Shoes Came Popular – 1920s

Vintage Shoes in Early Days

The Vintage Shoes date back to the 1920s which is also known as the Jazz age of fashion, especially of shoes and outfits. It was an era of flappers, fun, and freedom along with an age of women’s liberation and independence.

Women just loved to show off their feet in the 1920s. What brought this rebellious attitude or breakthrough from the stereotypical long skirts and boots hiding every inch of their legs remains uncertain, though. The footwear industry gave a number of options to the ladies back then. You may wonder what this has to do with fashion, well a lot of connection underlies here. Ladies were undergoing a rebellious change in fashion with short hair cuts and revealing legs, adorned with classy and catchy vintage shoes to grab attention, generally flappers.

1920s Vintage Shoes

Shoes of these times were decked up and customized with fabrics and metallic leather piece, fancy straps here and there along with rhinestones embellished on them.

Yes you heard it right- shoes dating back to the 1920s were even categorized into the evening wear and day wear shoes comprising the very famous Mary Jane’s shoes and the Galoshes as well. Vintage wedding shoes dating back to their year of existence were simply beautiful flats or the boots, customized according to the bride’s choice with rhinestones and flow laces complementing the bridal gown.

1920s Vintage Shoes Types

Various kinds of shoes came into the list of the vintage basically in the year 1920’s because fashion faced a change in the very decade when shoes like T strap shoes were the shoes was a snuggly shoe but allowed one to reveal a lot of skin, which was very unusual in those days and marked the beginning of a breakthrough. Well many adorned the T strap shoes over stockings, but the evolution of these shoes saw the strap becoming thin and thinner- lastly what emerged were embellished stone and sequins customizing the strap.

The Galoshes were highly in fashion in those days when women were even seen wearing unbuckled version of rubber galoshes and walking down the streets. Galoshes were also called as the flappers named on the sound they made.

Mary Janes Vintage Shoes

Whenever vintage shoes will be named no one will miss out on the painted heels, basically the blocked painted heels.  The Most popular day wear shoes i.e. Mary Jane’s had a wide range under its name- white canvas ones for summer, fabric ones for formal and the leather one’s for day wear along with shiny gold and silver colored evening wear shoes with eyelets and strings.  Ladies have loved to dance since eternity and dance shoes were a must then as they are now. Well there wasn’t any special kind of dance shoe but it depended on the choice one made varying among the Mary Jane and the T strap shoes. These shoes were reliable in even the most vigorous and rapid form of dance performed.

Shoes are not just about fashion but also about comfort they impart, bedroom slippers are one such pair which everyone owns now, then and since forever. This pair of footwear is always about colors, small heels and soft base material since their evolution or as one may say since the times when slippers were taken care of and customized. Such footwear have been customized very often in the version of vintage inspired shoes as well. In those days these were even made of silk, satin, velvet or soft sheepskin leather which proved to be the heaven of comfort for ladies who roamed about in those high healed peep toes and pump shoes all day long.

Strappy Vintage Shoes

Other shoes which made it to the list of the very first vintage shoes were the Strappy Shoes. These shoes had double triple or may comprise of criss-cross straps as well. These shoes have always been in fashion dating since the 1920’. The straps were closed with small buckles or maybe buttons. Pump shoes are the low heel shoes, which weren’t that preferable because of their low heel aspects but gave a nice competition to the other shoes based on the fact that they were made of animal and reptile leather. Some even come with Egyptian designs.

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