What was it like to be a Housewife in the 1950s

What is your dream job? Is it Housewife?

Close your eyes and think hard for a moment about your future and dreams. What does it consist of? What do you want to be? Where do you want to go and who do you want to be with while achieving these goals? Now, the hard thinking: thinking how wonderful it is to have these options, as a free citizen. As free citizens all have rights to be free regardless of race or gender of who we are. Freedom will not come without cost, however. Start working your way back through history and see that freedom was not always available to everyone. Maybe your dream and answer is being Housewife.

Housewife in 1950s

Growing up with traditional models and living in a traditional home gave us many useful values that made female feel different from most of society. Often at school or in public women felt a little out of place. Sometimes women in 1950s felt like in wrong place while being in public places. It was women’s dream of being a housewife with a big family and wear cute and modern and stylish dresses. (That was set to only spots “appropriate” as the chest and waist). Women during that time period was so lucky, and everything was so perfect for them. We never realized how much maternity work was, and how little many women get really appreciated by it, especially in periods of time when being a feminist was almost unknown and strange.

Be Informed

Fortunately, it wasn’t so easy for women in 1950s if you look from other side. Many women in 1950 had to fit into a small box. This woman (in order to fit into the picture, also known as society.) Basically  1950s women’s every day tasks was to be good for cooking, cleaning, parenting, being a mediator for the family,
and sex. She had to leave voluntarily to the man in charge and had little control of anything, except perhaps in the domestic role. A woman who married in 1950 was also always to blame when there was conflict in marriage. If man deceived, most of the time was attributed to the woman, and the man would be excused for his actions because the woman needed to “try harder” in appearance. This does not mean that all marriages in the 1950s were poor and all the men had extramarital relationships. Not all women in this decade were subject to their husbands, but many were.

The Day of the modern woman

Fast forward to nowadays in 2016.  You’re happy to be a woman in twenties during this decade. We understand that its normal and acceptable that a woman has a mind of its own and can go to college to get the career of your dreams. Many women have their own political views and there is even woman president.

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