What to Wear At a 1980s Party?

The fashion from the 1980s was fascinating. They had all these colors and styles that you can wear a different concept every day of the week, and if you are planning to go to a party the is the 1980s themed, I have just got the thing for you! I’ll be giving you some of the 80s fashion that you will surely like! You’ll know what to wear at a 1980s party in no time. Let’s go!

The Flash Dance Style

Flash Dance Style movie

This is a very popular movie that inspires the people in the 80s who like to party every minute. They were inspired to dress the part. This type of style only needs little clothing, and it is not that hard to put out. You just need some black leotards and then black leg warmers and a huge sweatshirt that’s gray and voila! You have that flash dance style!

The Preppy Style

The polo shirts and khakis embodied the style of preppy back in the1980s. For the women, some khaki skirt and for the men some khaki pants started the dress idea in the 80s. You can add a polo that has bright colors, and the color should be put up and then grab a sweater and then tie the sweater around your shoulders. For footwear, the best option that you could go for to achieve hat preppy style from the 80s is the penny loafer.

The Punk Style

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A way that you can highlight the punk style from the 80s is to put on something leather-like leather pants or a leather skirt. This goes particularly for men, but also women can rock the punk style with some leather vests. Go hunting for some bright hair colors that are only temporary and then add some cool stripes to your hair. If you don’t want to disturb your luscious hair, you can go to some costume shops and find one that fits the 80s punk style or g online and order one at an online shop. As for the make and everything else like accessories, the makeup that you are going to do to achieve the punk style is dark themed, like dark colors. Get a nose ring, one that is not real or one that is fake if you do not like the idea of going through surgery just to get yourself a nose ring. Put some fierce-looking red lipstick, and then necklace that is more of a choker, with all that you’ll be looking as punk as ever.

The 80s Prom Style

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Going for puffy sleeves, lots of bright colors and plenty of organza was the main highlight of the proms back in the 1980s. If you have a dress that fits the 80s, then pull it out from your closet, and if not, you can go to some of your friends and family members who were born during the flashy 80s. You can maybe even find one puffy-sleeved dress at a thrift store. If you want to be one of those fashionable attendees at prom back in the 80s, you’ll need to get a pair of shoes that are dyed so that they can match with the dress. Finish this 80s prom look with some rhinestone jewelry and a pretty wrist corsage.

The 80s TV Star Style

There will never be a conversation about ideas on what 80s costume to wear without Miami Vice being mentioned. A character that Don Johnson played in this popular TV show created the trend of putting your t-shirt under some suit jackets. I got another one for you! This was a character that Tom Selleck portrayed in Magnum, PI., which is a popular TV series; he was the one that started the trend of wearing Hawaiian shirts during the 80s. Both of these looks are very simple and easy to make for men and maybe even for women if you are planning to go to an 80s themed party.

The Hair Band Rocker Style

This type of style screams in the 80s! Ripped jeans that are bleached or acid washed, or some black pants that are made out of leather are the clothes that work well if you want to achieve this hairband rocker style. Going for a t-shirt that is tight-fitting and looks like their sleeves were ripped off is a good choice, or putting on one of those spandex tank tops can put some finishes to the clothing portion of the style that you are going for. As for the hair purchase a wig that’s super long and then put them in frizzy curls.

Now that we are finished discussing some of the good costumes that you can wear for an 80s themed party, I’ll be showing some of the fashion trends from the 80s to give you a better look at their fashion.

  • The Big Hair

There was big hair everywhere, whether it was the person’s bangs, it was still big!

  • The Spandex

The 1980s made sure we knew that lycra changed the whole world. Every single wore spandex; this goes for women, men, girls, and boys; it doesn’t matter. It was some kind of material of the future, and every single person joined the trend.

  • The Ripped Knees

People were wearing jeans when wearing some skin-tight leggings was not yet a thing. Though the jeans that exist in this world has seen better days. Whether you cut them yourself or they were already like that when you bought it, every single piece of jeans would be torn out when you see it, and grandma despised it!

  • The Neon Colors

If you want to go big, you shouldn’t stay with muted colors. It just doesn’t make any sense. And that is why everywhere you go. There were always neon colors back in the 1980s.

  • The Mullets

During the 80s, going for a nice mullet was the only time they were cool, though I think some people still appreciate mullets. Maybe mullets weren’t even cool, though they were cool back in the 80s, and that is a fact.

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