What Did Marilyn Monroe Wear?

Marilyn Monroe Wore Iconic Clothes

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most popular sex symbol of the 1950s and 1960s. She was model and actress. In some points she was dictating fashion in the 50s. Her fashion was turning point and ladies started to look more attractive to men. For us Marilyn Monroe was Queen Diva. She was icon, symbol and for many women God. If you are decided to look and behave like Marilyn, if you are interested what did Marilyn Monroe wear, then we have some tips for you:

Marilyn Monroe Dresses

Marilyn Monroe is known for her sexy and gorgeous dresses. She was wearing dresses very often. Marilyn dresses idea was to emphasize her body figure. She was popular with low-cut look and a belt around waist. Belt was to make waist look slim. Here are some dresses:

  • Strapless dresses
  • Stripe, polka dot and flower dresses. Marilyn Monroe mostly stuck to solid color dresses. She sometimes wore dresses with flowers or polka dots. She was also known for wearing stripes on dresses.
  • Dresses with sweetheart necklines. Perfect for emphasizing bust.
  • Red dresses. Marilyn is known for her red dresses that match the color of her lips. In the 1950s it was popular to have red lips and same color dress.
  • White or silver dresses with ruffles. You may add some sequins to your dress for a more glamorous look. Marilyn Monroe loved wearing white and silver color dresses. She often wore white strapless dresses or dresses with clear and open sleeves with ruffles in the skirt.
  • A halter neck dress. Most famous Marilyn’s dress, known for its appearance in ‘’The Seven Year Itch’’ Dress was white, with a full skirt and ruffles beneath it. That made Marilyn looks gorgeous especially when dress blew in the wind, exposing her legs.

Marilyn Monroe wore colors like green, white, cream, black, brown and especially red.


Shoes that Marilyn loved

Marilyn’s favorite shoe designer was Salvatore Ferragamo. They are expensive but don’t worry. All you have to do is wear shoes that Marilyn was likely to wear and isn’t expensive. Here are some shoes Marilyn Monroe wear and loved:

  • White kitten heel type shoes.
  • Chunky black heels.
  • Brown heels with white straps.
  • Red heels with sequins.
  • Cream ballet flats.
  • Traditional cream-colored close-toed heel shoes.
  • Black strappy stiletto heel shoes.
  • Peep-toe high heeled shoes, in cream or white shoes

Everyday casual Marilyn Monroe look

You may think that Marilyn Monroe was 100% dressed up, but she liked to look more casual. Sometimes you don’t need to dress up to look sexy in casual clothing. Dressing up takes a lot energy and time which sometimes is not enough. Here is some advice from Marilyn Monroe wear and how to look good even in casual clothing:

  • A simple red and white striped collared button-down shirt.
  • Black turtleneck
  • Black checkered pants. They are popular even in now-days.
  • A jean jacket – popular more than 50 years.
  • A thick, woven oversized sweater for comfort.
  • A black and white striped turtleneck t-shirt.
  • White button shirt paired with blue jeans.
  • A high-necked long sleeved orange t-shirt.

Accessories in Marilyn style

Clothing wasn’t all that made Marilyn look sexy, accessories was also important. With clothing they make you look more gorgeous, sexy, mysterious and elegant.  Here are list of Marilyn’s accessories:

  • A white, wide-brimmed beach hat. You may tray Fedoras hats.
  • Furs wrap to add a touch of glamour to any dress, especially in summer.
  • Sunglasses that are pointed around the outsides of your eyes.
  • White sleeves around your forearms.
  • A thin pink, red or white kerchief tied around your head.
  • A thick belt worn high around your waist. Find belt that goes with you dress. If you cant ask for advice to friends, family or shop consultants.

Wear Jewelry like Marilyn

Jewelry makes women look more gorgeous and Marilyn Monroe knew that. Marilyn Monroe wear classic and simple jewelry such as pearl necklaces or strand, simple studs in the ears, a pair of chandelier earrings or more elaborate necklaces. Marilyn did in classic way – too much was bad:

  • Occasional silver bracelets.
  • Or something more dramatic: chunky orange necklace.

How to make hair like Marilyn Monroe?

In the event that you truly need to have hair like Marilyn’s, then you ought to get a layered, mid length trim, with shorter layers in the front and more layers in the back. Once you have this look down, you can give your hair additional volume by brushing some gel into it while it’s clammy and after that blow-drying it dry in areas. In the event that your hair is all the more wavy, then you might need to fix it somewhat first.

  • Once your hair is dry, you ought to separate it in segments and shower every area with splash gel, and after that set it in hot rollers. Once the rollers have set, you can evacuate them and brush your hair out, in a forward heading, and after that include more hairspray under your layers.
  • She didn’t have blasts. In any case, she had a chunk of hair in a wave over her forehead.
  • Flip your hair back and afterward work a touch of styling cream through it.
  • Unlike today’s big names, Marilyn Monroe didn’t transform her hairdo, shading, or length each other week. Her hair was practically constantly blonde and wavy, falling just underneath her ears in the front and simply over her neck in the back. In any case, she experimented a bit with how wavy it was, and now and again had it more curled and shorter and now and then somewhat more and more wavy.

Right Lipstick

The right color for Marilyn’s Monroe lipstick is red. Color named Guerlain Kiss Kiss is the closest. Second most popular color she used was dark red shade. Less used color was white red more peach-colored red. Now its up to you to find best red-color lipstick.

  • Marilyn Monroe had tasty and full lips. You may use a bit of lip-liner to emphasize your lips to make your top lip as full, tasty as your bottom lip.
  • She some of the time misrepresented the split in her top lip, so you can overstate yours, as well, with the assistance of some lip-liner. You can even add a touch of establishment to the focal point of your top lip for this impact.

Key clothing of Marilyn Monroe

If you like Marilyn’s sexy dressing style you may dress up like this every day. If you really and completely want to look like Marilyn you should consider these:

  • A pair of high white slacks. You may also use other white related colors.
  • Different color pencil skirts.
  • Items or accessories with bows on them.
  • A bullet bra.
  • The classic one piece strapless white or red bathing suit

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