Vintage Wedding Shoes for Bride Over Times

Beginning of Vintage Wedding Shoes for Bride

1940’s was the time of fashion boom, when the textile as well as shoe industry saw a change in the way people dressed as the focus shifted from just choosing what to wear and some people even went ahead to customize their own dress. Even finding vintage wedding shoes for bride made changes.

The whole idea of fashion gradually got modified and underwent layers of changes in nearly every year Weddings did not see much of variance in terms of gowns worn by brides or the suits of the grooms, the general white gown with lace work and a net veil were usually worn by the bride in that era. What transformed a lot were the wedding shoes of 1940s and the later years until 1970 Today this time period is popularly called as the era of vintage fashion.

How vintage Wedding Shoes look like

Vintage wedding shoes for Bride have always incorporated intricate designs, accessorized with ribbons and glitter all over, irrespective of whether they belong to the modern era or real vintage ones White based peep toes buckles were also in fashion during the period

A vintage theme wedding is never completed without Vintage wedding shoes for Bride, as the shoe is said to make a hell lot of difference The perfect pair of shoe gives an edge to the complete attire of the bride, as it is the heartiest wish of every bride to look the best ever on their special day

Vintage wedding shoes for Bride can be briefly classified into Boots, Flats, heels as well as shoes. The categorization doesn’t end here. As the years passed, the shoes went on to be modified from just heels to peep toe heels, then wedges with glitter straps. The shoes went a long way and got subdivided further into the sling back shoes, the ballerinas and the loafers as well which had colorful or all white sequins at the back, front or maybe at the side of the shoe. They were sometimes personalized according to the wish of the bride. The T strap shoe with see- through material used for the strap were very much in fashion and is always preferred over other type of shoe for women looking out for having a vintage styled wedding. The buckled up galoshes were also preferred by women wearing side slit gowns which revealed a part of their leg. Galosh styled shoes or the high rise boots which were adorned by white pearls stitched in a spiral went down to the foot of the shoe.

Mary Jane and Vintage Wedding Shoes

Confetti lace Vintage wedding shoes for Bride as well as transparent lace wedding shoe in shimmery gold and silver was also preferred by the bride as well as the bridesmaids. Some families even customized the shoes matching them with the dresses. The Mary Jane shoe is such a shoe which can never be left out when a discussion on the vintage styled shoes is on the roll.

The wedding inspired Mary Jane shoes were generally the low heel classic shoes Ballerinas that were high in fashion and were preferred by brides who preferred the retro dazzle look. Cinderella shoes or the Cinderella pumps: No one should leave out on this category of shoe. It is not really a category but a single type of shoe that looked a lot like the real Cinderella shoe. And was made of leather and wrapped in a fine mesh net to give the shiny as well as intricate look to your Vintage wedding shoes for Bride.

Vintage wedding Shoes for bride even in modern days

Open toe shoes which were the modified versions of the peep toe shoe also got a lot of appreciation as the innovation was applied with glittered designs adorning the body of the shoe. Stella Starlight was the only accountable shoe which had a base other than white along with the shade of pink fused orange and was block printed.

The crocheted shoe was another great addition to the already wide variety of wedding shoes. It had crocheted work on the front as well as sides of the pumps. Even after 60 to 70 years after the vintage era, the brides prefer to wear those shoes. They are a must have during the themed weddings and are also common in others owing to the gorgeous look that they offer.

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