Vintage Style Shoes Buying Guide

Buying Vintage Style Shoes

Buying vintage style shoes is not a very difficult task until you don’t the things to consider. Shopping shoes by checking the size and material is quite a common way, but buying vintage style shoes by considering their features is a daunting task. People take a complete care while buying shoes and other accessories, but sometimes they become careless, especially when buying the vintage style shoes. You may like to wear these shoes with theatrical costume, or simple with traditional outfits, the shoe must improve your looks and appeal. Many options, like wingtips, Oxford shoes, and rugged western boots emerge, when you decide to buy the vintage design’s shoes.

There are some great shoe manufacturers, which are specialized in making vintage style shoes. Of course, finding the best retailer can be a difficult task. It would be more difficult to choose the best vintage style shoes, if you have never bought it before. You can make it simple by following a few important tips.

Famous styles of vintage shoes:

The style of shoes has changed with time. There was a time, when people used to wear the brogue shoes. Of course, the brogue shoes still look trendy and people also call them co-respondent in Britain. This style’s shoes contain toe caps with the points at the top. The length of toe caps can vary, depending on the brands of the shoes. The wingtip shoes were very common shoes during the old age and available in many varieties. The small preformed holes of the brogue vintage style shoes make them different from other vintage shoes. These holes also improve the charm of brogues.

It seems like Americans had got more freedom than European users, in terms of choosing the fashion stuff. The two tone shoes prove it because this type’s shoes were quite famous during 1920s. If you are looking for something fashionable in the vintage collection of the shoes, you can buy the two tone shoes.

Another variety of shoes, which were famous during the early 20th century, was the Black and White Saddle shoes. Of course, this type’s shoes didn’t become too trendy, but still there were demands for this type’s shoes between 1930 and 1950. You can choose these shoes, if you want to wear vintage style shoes with brown heels and toes with a white design in the middle.

Many other shoe styles had become famous during the 20th century, like the tennis shoes, but the above listed vintage style shoes are still famous among the users. You should consider one of these styles of the vintage shoes instead of looking for something else.

Vintage Style Shoes

The size of vintage shoes:

The way of sizing the garments has changed within the last few decades, but such changes didn’t occur with the shoes. You should not face too many difficulties in finding the right size’s vintage shoes because you can buy it according to the marked size. There is not a big difference between the marked size of the vintage shoes and modern shoes. Though, the vintage style shoes seem narrower in width, so keep this fact in mind while buying the vintage shoes. The actual marked size of the shoes is important because that size was marked by considering the length and the width of the shoes. If you wear 7.5 modern size’s shoes, then you will have to look for 8 vintage shoe sizes. That’s how you can find the perfect fit in the vintage shoes.


You will find the leather shoes in the search results, whenever you will search for the vintage shoes. The leather is the most widely used material to prepare the upper and visible portion of the shoes. The old shoe manufacturers did not have the technology and equipments like the modern manufacturers and therefore the actual vintage style shoes were prone to damage. Leather was the main upper material, rubber was used to prepare the sole, and glue was used as an adhesive substance. You are most likely to buy one of this kind’s shoes, if you are buying the vintage style shoes. So, you should get information on how to protect and maintain the vintage leather shoes because the vintage style shoes will cost more expensive price than the modern shoes.

Ensure the quality of vintage style shoes:

People used to buy and wear imported shoes during the early 20th century and that’s what you can find in today’s market, if you search for the vintage style shoes. The shoes prepared from full-grain leather or genuine patent leather is the best for regular use. You can also look for original reptile or alligator leather made shoes, if you can spend a few extra bucks. Many vintage style shoes manufacturing companies are either closed or manufacturing the modern shoes. The manufacturer, which has survived and still manufactures a few vintage style shoes, is a reliable source for the best quality shoes. They mostly use real wood or leather stacked heels to provide a comfortable feel.

Things to avoid, if you will use the vintage shoes on a daily basis:

It would not be a feasible deal, if you buy shoes produced before the 1950s. The manufacturers used to use brittle or dry leather at that time, which is not good for regular use shoes. If you still buy a pair of vintage shoes that was manufactured before the 1950s, the breaks will appear soon in the upper material and the shoe will lose its appeal. Buying the vintage style shoes online would be a better decision than buying it from the local retailer. The local retailer may cheat you by selling something else in the name of vintage style shoes and you will regret, when you will know the truth. There are some renowned vintage style shoe retailers, who provide genuine and high-quality shoes. You can trust them for quality supply.

That’s all you need to check while buying the vintage style shoes. There are many options in materials and size in the contemporary shoes, but vintage style shoes come with limited options. Their appeal is unique and those shoes look perfect with formal outfits. So, buy the best pair by following the tips listed in this post.

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