Vintage Style Makeup Tips

Let’s admit it! Any fashionable trend fades away over time. In clothing, for example, logo mania was a fashion trend in 2019. But let’s expect the return of ultra-neutral clothing (off-whites, creams, and beige’s) this 2020. In accessories, we have enjoyed seashell jewelry. But pearls-inspired accessory will be back this year.

In makeup, today’s tend includes cream contouring, highlighted cheekbones, and nude lips. That’s not all! Some vintage makeup styles have stood the test of time. Before, heavy blush, thick eyebrows, graphic eyeliner, white eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and excess lip liner were the makeup trends. But they remain popular until now.

What are the other vintage makeup styles you should try? When you’re invited to a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding ceremony, it’s quite difficult to choose the one that suits your taste and liking. Worry no more! You have come to the right place. How to achieve a classic yet attractive appeal? In this simple and comprehensive guide, you will know them all. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Read on for further details!

Refined Simplicity

Who says refined simplicity is no longer stylish and trendy? The truth is that the makeup style remained to create a buzz in the industry as it can transform you into a real goddess. What makes refined simplicity different from others is that it combines a porcelain skin complexion with vibrant eyes and lips.

Yes, the focus will be on the lips and eyes. But the makeup style gives you a simpler but stunning look. To get started, follow some experts-recommended tips below:

You probably thought of a glitter or a heavy smokey eye to achieve this vintage style makeup. Unfortunately, it’s different. Simply apply a champagne shadow over your lid.

After that, what’s next? Your job does not stop there! It’s time to finish your eyes with a mascara. What kind of mascara should you use? Well, look for something waterproof. Although it’s tempting to choose the cheapest brand on the market, be willing to spend more. A quality product comes with a competitive pricing.

Of course, you can also use normal mascaras. However, it’s hard to achieve a spider lash. But it has never been easier with a waterproof and quality solution. Within minutes, you can get the process done.

When applying lipstick, there’s no rule. In fact, you can play with different colors to enjoy an ombre effect. Your goal here is to make your lips pop. All you have to do is to apply a clear gloss on your upper lip. Plus, be sure to wear the right outfit to match this makeup style. Ask a close friend for some suggestions.

Pinup with a Unique and Addicting Twist

Probably, you’re fond of ‘50s pin-up vibe shades. Then, why don’t you experiment with something new and different? Yes, this vintage makeup style incorporates edgy colors. But it has a classic and sophisticated look you’d love. For first-timers, it’s tricky to do, and enough knowledge can come into play. Here are the steps to weigh in mind:

Before anything else, apply a foundation and peach blush on your cheeks. It takes a minute or two, so prepare yourself. For those who have a hectic schedule, it’s better to let a certified professional handle the job for you.

After that, arch your brows. You should use a defining pencil aside from a hypoallergenic and safe gel. When you experience some trouble doing your brows, don’t worry because you’re not alone. I also find it hard even if I’ve been doing my makeup for years now. That’s why I always consider hiring an expert to avoid any hassles.

Now, experiment with the eyeshadow. Just choose something that’s not common to give you a fierce yet attractive appeal.

After that, add a cool-toned lipstick. A lip gloss will be a perfect alternative. Also, consider other choices. Just make sure they suit your overall look to stand out among the other ladies in the room.

The Brigitte Bardot Look

Another vintage-style makeup is the Brigitte Bardot look. Popular for the matte complexion, Brigitte Bardot’s look is characterized by the iconic eye makeup. If you’ve done cream contouring and highlighted cheekbones, this vintage style should be the next thing to learn. Although there are different factors to consider, start with a velvet, a primer, and a matte foundation. When you already have a smooth base, apply the perfect contour colors. Use a cool-toned brown on your cheek. Apply a hint of powder on your nose. Try a nude brush instead of a regular one. Popular options consist of beige and taupe blush. Next, use an eyelid primer. From there, apply a matte ivory shade over your lids. What else? Use a white eyeliner to draw a small line into the corners of your eyes. Then, smudge it out to achieve bigger and brighter eyes. After that, apply a matte black liner. That’s it! It sounds complicated, right? don’t worry! There are professional specialists whom you can trust.

Gatsby Vibes

Another vintage style is the Gatsby Vibe. To get started, make your brows arched and dramatic. For your eyeshadow, employ the lightest color in your kit and finish it with a darker or lighter shade. While some create an edgy look, don’t do the same thing. Just keep your eyes noticeable and soft. When it comes to your lipstick, a cool-toned and blue-based product will be your best shot.

Now that you know some of the vintage makeup styles, what’s your best option? It’s important to identify your taste before making a decision. Furthermore, contact a certified professional to have a successful and stress-free experience. Enjoy, and have a great day!

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