Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses Buying Guide

Best wedding dress: Vintage inspired wedding dress?

The wedding dress designers have presented a number impressive wedding dress designs within past few decades, but the trend of the vintage inspired wedding dresses remains as it used to be in the past. These dresses are still the first choice of many women because vintage style dresses make them look unique on the very special day of their life.

The vintage style is unique because it makes you look elegant and attractive. Many vintage style dresses have been an integral part of the bridal-wear fashion. These dresses are from different eras. Many brides like to wear 20s famous flappers, 60s hippy chicks, electronic from 80s, and glamorous dresses from the 30s. There are several great choices. Wedding dresses in combination with vintage wedding shoes and gloves will do it perfectly. You can choose the era and there would be an amazing bridalwear dress for you. As mentioned, there are many great choices and therefore it becomes quite daunting to choose one that can turn you into the most impressive lady on your wedding day. Therefore, you must need to check a few things while purchasing the vintage inspired wedding dresses.

Why to choose a vintage inspired wedding dress?

Many future brides may find it a bit weird that why I should wear a vintage style dress on my wedding day. There are plenty of good reasons to choose the vintage style dress and a few are listed here.

For a unique style:

Every bride dreams about looking the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. It can be possible only if you choose a unique and impressive wedding dress with impressive jewelry and other accessories. The vintage style bridal dresses look quite different from the contemporary bridal dresses. These dresses have some unique designs that you cannot find in modern wedding dresses. You can check a few vintage dresses and compare them with contemporary dresses. The vintage style dresses would appear far more impressive than the contemporary wedding dresses.

Readily available:

You may presume like it is tough to find a high-quality vintage wedding dress. You may think so because you believe that it is the 21st century and the bridalwear fashion of the 19th and 20th century is something that has gone. Well, things are quite different from what many women believe. Many brides still believe that vintage inspired wedding dresses are the best gowns to wear on the wedding day. Many women need such dresses and that’s why these dresses are readily available at online sites.

Impressive designs of the vintage era:

The build quality vintage style wedding dresses is quite awesome. These dresses belong to two different eras which are divided by the 2nd World War. Many women choose wedding dresses which were designed and built during the war. The choices are limited in such kind of wedding dresses, but still you can find some great designs. There was a big boom in wedding dress designs after the war and therefore you can find some great choices in the wedding dresses of the 50s, 60s, and 80s.


Yes, the vintage style wedding dresses do not cost as expensive as the modern or contemporary style wedding dresses cost. Many women prefer remaking of the vintage wedding dresses, which were used by their elders on their wedding day. You may not find it a great idea, so you can go online and search for the options in cost-effective vintage wedding dresses. You will get a long list of dresses with their pictures. Choose a dress that can turn you into an impressive and charming bride on your wedding day. Of course, you will not save a big amount, but still you can find the best deals online.

There are many other things that turn vintage inspired wedding dresses into the best dresses for the brides. The above listed benefits are enough to express the charm of those dresses and therefore now you should know about how to buy the vintage style wedding dresses online or offline.

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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress Buying Guide:

Many buyers believe like buying a vintage inspired wedding dress is pretty simple, but that is not true. You need to consider several aspects before buying the wedding dress to choose the best among the best available options. Those aspects are explained here:

A white wedding dress or something else?

The brides start searching for the white gowns as they plan to buy a new wedding dress. You may also think about buying a white vintage style wedding dress, but should you necessarily wear a white gown? There isn’t any rule that says every bride should wear only white or bona fide wedding dress. Yes, the brides have been wearing the white wedding dresses for many centuries, but that trend is changing now.

The modern brides are exploring wedding dresses in new colors. In fact, many vintage wedding dresses are available in some impressive colors like deep red, deep green, and purple. It was Queen Victoria, who had started the trend of white wedding dress during 1840 while she was married Prince Albert. Now the time is changed and you must consider your hair tone, skin tone, and the accessories you will use on the wedding day and then choose the color of the wedding dress.

The size of dress:

You may face the size related issues with some unique designs’ vintage inspired wedding dresses, but those issues will get resolved if you find a good collection. Some vintage wedding dress shapes may not seem too forgiving because of the clothe selection and design of the dress. However, wedding dresses from 30s come with cut from bias that permits to dress to stretch and thus you can get more movement. Many great designs were introduced after the 50s, so there would be the best options in the size. The size matters a lot because you would appear charming only when you wear a dress that is near your size. So, check for the best fit wedding dress while looking for vintage style dresses.

Which era’s vintage inspired wedding dresses should you buy?

Different designs of the wedding dresses were introduced in different eras. The dresses from the 1920s, 30, 40s, 50s, and 60s were different dresses, so carefully look for a dress that meets your requirements.

Wedding dresses From the 20s:

These dresses are loose fitting, no waistband, narrow shoulder, and airy dresses. The 1920s’ wedding dresses are perfect for you, if you have straight, petite, and apple figure.

Wedding dresses from the 30s:

These dresses appear columnar, narrow, and slim. The curve-revealing, bias cut offers the 30s wedding dresses a unique appeal. You should think about buying it, if you are tall, slender, curvy, and straight.

Wedding dresses from the 40s:

The sweetheart neckline, narrow and full skirts, puffed shoulders, and shorter skirt length turn the 1940s wedding dress into one of the most appealing vintage inspired wedding dresses. Many women had worn the wedding suits during this era and these dresses are perfect for those with a curvy figure and apple shaped figure.

Wedding dresses from the 50s:

The princess cut, fitted waist, and full length skirt, it was what famous in the bridalwear fashion during the 1950s. You can try this era’s dress if you have curvy, plus size, hourglass or pear figure.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses in 50s
Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses in 50s

Wedding dresses from the 60s:

Shorter A-line shifts, empire waists, and long slender skirts turn the wedding dresses from the 60s into very appealing vintage style wedding dresses. You should try this era’s wedding dress if you have petite, apple, plus-size, and straight figure.

Wedding dresses from the 70s:

The wedding dresses from the 70s seem more forgiving than other dresses listed above. These dresses seem flowy and loose. The narrow skirt makes you feel comfortable. Most of the wedding dresses of this era were inspired from Victorian revival with puff shoulder. This style wedding dress is suitable for almost every bride. The tall brides would look very impressive in the 70s vintage wedding dress.

The wedding dresses of 80s:

The trend of wedding dresses was changed after 80s. It was the decade, when Princess Diana got married and her wedding dress was the pioneering for the upcoming bridal dresses of this era. Her wedding dress was quite light and a full skirt dress with a long train. The huge puffed sleeves made that dress look quite appealing. Of course, the wedding dress designers were quite inspired from her wedding dress and still many brides wish to wear such a wedding dress on their wedding.


So, we have listed the most widely chosen and the most appealing vintage inspired wedding dresses in the list. You must consider the aspects explained in this article to buy the best vintage style wedding dress. Things would be pretty simple and less stressful for you, if you follow the buying guide. All the famous vintage style wedding dresses are available online. Thus, you don’t need to visit the local shop for buying a vintage style wedding dress. The online retailers make sure that you get the best for the most memorable moment of your life. You can also find the best deal for an impressive dress with our vintage wedding dress category.

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    What a interesting read! I simply love 50’s fashion decade! Unreal shapes, voluminous skirts and tiny waists! 🙂 Classic tea length Wedding Dresses are so flattering, they scream to be twirled!

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