Vintage Clothing Shops In London

A lot of people are in love with vintage fashion, and some people are trying to find vintage clothing shops in London. There are a lot actually, but sometimes it can be pretty hard to choose between one, here in this very article we will be giving some of the best vintage clothing shops in London. These shops carry a lot of beautiful and amazing clothing, and some even sell vintage furniture, so if you are looking for some vintage furniture, there will be available shops for that. You will fall in love with all the vintage clothing shops that I will be giving out, and they are just that good! So, why don’t we go ahead and start, shall we?

The Rokit Vintage

For over the past three decades, this vintage clothing shop called Rokit has recycled a lot more than a million tonnes of accessories and clothing that are discarded. This store was just a little stall in the Camden Market of London back in the year 1986. They focused on the thrift vintage pieces of denim from the cowboys of America. They made a huge hit with it, so it did not take long for the little stall to a shop that has two stories on the very high streets. And that is how Rokit Vintage started its brand.

The Vintage Tramp

This vintage clothing shop is tucked away in Ledbury’s Herefordshire, a very quaint town. The vintage clothing shop is one of the havens of second-hand clothing. For every era, Vintage Tramp is a treasure trove. Going from underskirts and statement coats to party dresses and jewelry that is all fit for every occasion that is set. They have a very reasonable price for each of their piece. This makes the vintage clothing shop a perfect place where people from London can find some bargains if you are in a tight budget.

The Armstrongs Vintage

There are three Armstrongs Vintage shops inside Edinburgh, and this vintage clothing shop is one of the most well known and well established and also the oldest vintage clothing shop in the entire UK. This store that we call Armstrongs Vintage helps that costumers that it gets to get all the wonderful experience that the person should have in the experience of vintage clothing shopping. Do you know how? It is because their team online selects some of the pieces that they find most attractive, whether it is from the 90s, 70s, or even 60s. I am very sure that this vintage clothing shop has something for you, and you will definitely love it.

The Portobello Green Market

For the Portobello Green Market, it is extended from the tube station of Ladbroke Grove to the Westway and the Portobello Road. The very popular canopy called Portobello Green is where you can find the shop’s permanent collections of the fashion designers and also the vintage stylists and collectors. The Portobello Green Market is very much open during Fridays, Sundays, and Saturdays, and you’ll really enjoy your day going around this vintage market.

Address: Under the Canopy, Portobello Road. W10, London

The Beyond Retro

The Vintage clothing shop named Beyond Retro is one of the really well-known vintage stores; they are located in different parts of London. It all began in the year 2002, the shop was just one single warehouse that upgraded to a retail store, and now they recycle in every way they can. Going from old plastic bags turning into the packaging. In terms of their buying stock, the vintage shop chooses to ship their products from abroad by the boats rather than flying in the air with a plane, this way the products can keep their own carbon footprint minimal. Beyond Retro also have a variety of their pieces of denim, they go from Tommy Hilfiger up to Levi’s. With that being said, if you are looking for a perfect pair of vintage jeans in Beyond Retro, you might not even be able to decide which pair of jeans you’ll buy since they have a lot of nice-looking vintage jeans.

The Atika

There is something that makes the vintage clothing shop Atika different, do you know what it is? They do not only stock some of their amazing fashion, but the vintage shop called Atika also sells some vintage furniture, records, arts, and vintage coffee! This shop stocks all their products from labels like Armani and Burberry, which are very high-end labels, to brands for sports that include Adidas and Champion.

Address: 55-59 Hanbury St, Spitalfields, London E1 5JP

The Relik

The Vintage clothing shop we all call Relik originally was opened by three people that were partners named Steven Philip, Claire Stansfield, and Fiona Stuart. The three met while they were previously running some successful market stalls on the Road of Portobello. The vintage boutique that is independently owned stocks some of the women’s accessories and clothing from the designers named Comme des Garcons, Alaia, and Vivienne Westwood.

Address: 8 Golborne Gardens, London W10 5NW

The Mero Retro

If you are searching for some of the usual vintage classics, the best shop you should visit is the vintage clothing shop called Mero Retro. Though even if that is not what you are searching for, the shop also has some gorgeous vintage Asian inspired garments. You’ll be able to explore some of their kimonos, some printed tees, and all the accessories and shirts that are handmade. When you are purchasing something in a shop, you know that you are doing a good cause because a lot of the shops support some local communities. They do this through projects of fundraising for the empowerment of the Nepalese community and the Earthquake recovery for the charities.

Address: 2 Bradbury St, Dalston, London N16 8JN

The William Vintage

A lot of famous people purchase from this vintage clothing shop. These famous people include Kate Moss, William Vintage, Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney, and even Sussex’s Duchess. This is one of the reasons why the shop is the leading vintage brand in the whole world, with celebrities visiting the shop you know that the vintage shop probably has some great clothing.

Address: 2 Marylebone St, Marylebone, London W1G 8JQ

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