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Best Vintage Bikini For Women

The beaches and pools seem quite inviting during the spring months. It is the time, when you get ready to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Women and girls start searching for the swimwears of the previous season, whenever they plan to visit the beach. They plan to buy a new one, if the old swimsuit does not fit perfectly or if they want to try something different. The weight gain or weight loss also encourages women to try something different because their body shape gets changed. The retailers offer a wide range of options in the vintage bikini, especially during the spring months.

You can choose from the bikini, swimsuits, swim dress, tankini, and shape control swimwear, but what you think about using a vintage bikini? The vintage style bikinis will offer you a retro look and chic style. It is renowned for improving the visual appeal of the certain body parts. A curvy woman can look so attractive in the vintage style bikini and others can also try it to look different and appealing. Of course, women used to wear the vintage bikinis during the 20th century and therefore buying it now can be a daunting task. So, follow this guide to buy the best vintage bikini.

Choosing the pattern for vintage bikini

The vintage style bikinis come with retro style patterns, like the polka dots, floral designs, and wide stripes. You can buy it as a one-piece or two-piece bikini, but the patterns will be similar in both type’s bikinis. You should choose the polka dot bikini, if you want to gain a cool and crisp look. The white dots on navy fabric or dark fabric look quite impressive.

The floral pattern’s vintage bikini is perfect for you, if you are a funny and lively individual. You can get a variety of designs in the floral bikinis. You can get tropical leave designs, palm frond designs, and some other designs that offer an exotic flair.

The wide stripe patter was very famous during the mid 20th century. The striped pattern not only improves the charm of the bikini, but also provides an awesome appeal to your body. The strips make you look sexy from certain areas of the body like the bustline and waistline.

Choose the pattern wisely because it will express your personality and it can also make you look more attractive.

The Neckline

The vintage style bikinis offer two types’ necklines, the sweetheart neckline and the classic halter neckline. A bikini with the halter neckline will provide a single strap, which would be attached to the front right and left side of the bikini. The vintage bikini with sweetheart neckline offers a V-shaped dip at the center and an arched shape to enhance the charm of the breasts. You should try the bikinis with both types’ necklines and then see, which one is looking more beautiful.

Ruching and Ruffles

The bikini designs of the 20th century were quite different from today’s designs because those swimwears were embellished with ruching and ruffles. Such kind of embellishments was used by only those users, who wanted to look more stylish and different. These are not for the serious swimmers. The vintage swimwear becomes less streamlined and smooth due to ruching and ruffles. Therefore, you should choose the vintage bikini carefully and consider it as an important factor. Buy the vintage style bikini with ruching and ruffles, if you are going to have a lot of fun on the beach. Of course, you will look different and quite sexy with such designs.

Consider your body shape

One of the most important things many women never figure out is the type of their body shape. Most of the vintage style bikinis were designed to provide the women with an ideal hourglass figure. YOU can look great in the retro bikinis, if you have a curvy body shape. This type’s bikinis can also enhance the charm of women with small busts. You should use stripes and polka pattern’s high waisted vintage bikini, if you want to make your body assets look more beautiful. The women with small chest can try the bikinis with ruching and ruffles because such bikinis make them look sexier and more attractive.

Check the size for bikini

The retro style and vintage bikini are not in fashion now. Finding a perfect fit can be a bit difficult, but it doesn’t mean you should use a poorly fitting bikini. If the bikini’s size is too large, it will create ugly looking bulges and wrinkles. You may feel so embarrassed, if the bikini will sag too much. Too tight is also not good for you, especially if you are buying a plus size vintage style bikini. Search for a vintage style bikini in your size and buy it, if you find it.

What color should you choose for vintage bikini?

The vintage style bikinis can be available in various colors. Of course, there will be the patterns over the fabric, but the backdrop color also matters. You should choose more vivid or darker color’s bikini, if you have pale skin. You will look quite sexy in such color’s bikini because deep purple, navy, and maroon look very impressive over pale women. You should choose a light and bright colored bikini, if you have tanned or dark skin. Any dark color bikini will hide your beauty and you may not look as sexy as you want to appear. So, choose the color for your vintage bikini wisely.

Buy vintage bikini online

Women used to wear the retro and vintage styles’ bikinis during the 20th century and today those bikinis are not in use. So, if you are planning to visit the beach or poolside in a vintage bikini, you should buy it online. It is possible that the local retailers may not provide the vintage style bikinis. They won’t because probably no-one buys it. Every girl wants to use the modern trend’s bikinis and they don’t care about the old trends. The online retailers still provide a great collection of retro style and vintage style bikinis. So, go online and buy the best vintage style bikinis.

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