Types of Vintage Bikinis – Perfect Look and Confidence

The exaggerated and unnatural notion of a super slim body with bulky bust has hurt the confidence of many women. It has moved the prospect of going to the beach or the pool out of many of our comfort zones and has sometimes even made it downright scary.

These unrealistic expectations can cause us to start getting negative feelings about our own bodies. Thankfully, there are some great vintage bikinis and swimsuits that can stop these feelings in their tracks and can allow us to flaunt our natural curves. No matter your body type, with these options you don’t have to worry about doing hundreds of hours of cardio in the gym in pursuit of an unnatural figure. These bikinis will make you feel comfortable and confident as you are. So, what are you waiting for, learn more about these vintage bikinis and find the one that suits you best.

The Bikinis Made for You!

The trend of wearing bikini has gradually increased in past few decades. Now women are more confident about themselves and have the right to wear what they want. They are in fact much more tolerant of what people think and like to live in their own world. For such women who are the queen of their own world, various lingerie makers have come up with millions of styles, colors, and patterns in the bikinis. So if you are also looking out for the one which can enhance your features, here is the guide book!


Bandeau Bikini

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One of the oldest forms of vintage bikinis and is also known as a bandini. It is generally a bandeau top that has got no straps and goes over the shoulders. It is worn with any sort of bikini bottom and gives a perfect appeal to your body. So those who are confident enough in going without straps, this is the perfect choice for them.



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 This type of bikini brings various sub-genres like mini mini, tear drop and minikini and is just a meager bikini. They are designed is such way that they just have enough fabric to merely cover the genitals. The additional straps are meant to keep the fabric in place. So, with women who have the perfect figure and fewer bulges, this can fit in place.


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As the name itself suggests, this type of bikini contains a bikini top and a skirt like bottom. This is also considered as an innovation in the field of bikini type clothes that have a bit more coverage. These two piece swimsuits are generally loved by a lot of women around. It has also been featured in the top designs of all times. So if you like being in skirts, than this will look perfect on you.


Thus, for all the women out there who have been confused about what kind of vintage bikinis to choose, these are the right ones. You can get on the beach, can enjoy your summer and can have wonderful games out there under the sun, while flaunting your body and confidence that you have got in yourself. These vintage bikinis are the perfect solution for women of every size and shape.

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