Top 5 Best Vintage Style Perfume Bottles

A perfume is made of a combination of essential oils, aromatic compounds, and solvents. With just few spritz, it enables a person to smell fruity, woody, fresh or delicious depending on the aromatic compounds in the perfume. Perfumes are in liquid form and the beauty of a perfume also depends on its packaging. The vintage perfume bottles used to store the perfume makes the perfume look and feel luxurious. With the right kind of bottle a perfume can either sit on the vanity or tucked away under the shelves. Vintage style is always classy and has an elegant touch to it. Though it maybe garments, furniture or even perfume bottles, Vintage style is popular in demand. Here are some of the best Vintage Style Perfume bottles.

1. Vintage style glass bottle Black Bulb with Tassel Spray Atomizer

This perfume bottle has a capacity of 1.64 ounces. It is 4.35” tall. The tassel spray atomizer sprays the perfect amount of perfume and the tassel makes the bottles look more luxurious. The bottle comes with a funnel to fill the perfume. It also comes with a screw on cap which makes it convenient to carry during travel. It is a compact bottle that is perfect to split perfumes of 2.7 ounces. The black bulb and the tassel really amps up the look of the bottle. The glass is almost oval shaped and also looks very premium and well made.


  1. It is compact in size and so it fits small vanities and dressers.
  2. The glass, atomizer, lid and cord are all made of good quality materials making it durable.
  3. The funnel that comes with the perfume helps in easy refilling of the perfume bottle.
  4. The screw on cap is very useful especially during journeys.
  5. The tassel gives a touch and makes the perfume bottle look more luxurious.


  1. The atomizer can sometimes stop spraying when the nozzle is blocked.
  2. The compactness of the bottle cannot fit a lot of perfume.


This vintage style perfume bottle is a beautiful bottle to add in to the collection of perfume bottles for display. It not only looks beautiful but also have a luxurious
feeling to it because of the tassel spray atomizer. It is perfect to be placed on the dresser and most importantly, store perfumes. It can also be used to spray rose water or any essential oil.

2. UNIQLED Crystal Art Vintage Style Empty Refillable Perfume Atomizer Long Tassel Spray Bottle 

This refillable perfume bottle has pineapple pattern designed glass with balloon sprayer and beautiful long tassels giving it a premium look. The glass is shaped like a circle with a flat bottle so that it can stand straight. The spray top is removable and has a silver plated look. The capacity of this bottle is 100 ml (3.5 oz) which can store a good amount of perfume. The long tassels are 5 cm in length and the bottle area measures about 6cm x 8cm. It comes with a white carton
packaging and looks classy.


  1. The glass is made of sturdy quality and so it durable.
  2. The size of the bottle is actually big enough to store a good amount of perfume.
  3. The pineapple pattern in the glass gives the glass a more premium look.
  4. The atomizer does a good job of spraying the perfect amount of perfume.
  5. It looks good place on the vanity and dressers.
  6. It is reasonable and cost – effective.


  1. The top of the bottle is made of plastic.
  2. Some people may find it too big for their liking.
  3. The long tassels can be inconvenient sometimes.


This perfume bottle can be a beautiful addition and amp up the elegance of anybody’s perfume collection. The pineapple designed glass is really beautiful and gives a vintage look to it. It is priced very reasonably for the size and look of the product. It can hold ample amount of perfume. The tassels can also add a very premium look to the perfume bottle. It comes in a variety of colors to be chosen from.

3. H&D Vintage Egyptian Perfume bottle Décor Refillable Mini Empty Potions Glass 3ML (Rectangular pyramid)

This perfume bottle is an Egyptian inspired glass bottle in the shape of a rectangular pyramid. It is a tiny bottle with the capacity of 3 ml and the bottle is sparkly and reflects various colors due to its crystal design. It doesn’t come with any sprayer or funnel to refill the perfume bottle. It comes with a glass stopper and a
beautiful packaging box.


  1. This bottle adds so much class to a regular dresser as the colors reflected by the crystal design makes the bottle look so luxurious.
  2. The glass is quite sturdy and strong.
  3. It comes with a sandbag.
  4. It not only looks premium but also feels expensive.
  5. Ideal for gifting.


  1. It is a very small bottle which may not be everybody’s cup of tea.
  2. It doesn’t come with a sprayer which can be inconvenient.
  3. It can be costly for a small bottle so it is not cost-effective.


This perfume bottle is uniquely designed in the shape of a rectangular pyramid. The vintage Egyptian inspired design has crystals that reflects the colors beautifully. It is a mini perfume bottle with the dimensions of 2.9” x 1.9”. It is available in various colors. It is a perfect addition to the dresser and beautifies the vanity area.

4. H&D Crystal Art Deco Vintage Style Perfume Bottles Empty Glass Refillable

This 10 ml refillable perfume bottle is made of K9 crystal glass material. It is sparkly and clear. It acts as an exquisite piece of art for the dresser. The facets are built to be even and smooth. It also glitters in the sun. The design of the bottle is classy. The bottle has a crystal glass body, top and a stick applicator. It also comes with a gift box which makes it ideal for gifting to a friend or family.


  1. The bottle is made of thick k9 crystal glass making it look premium.
  2. The facets are made very beautifully and has a smooth finish.
  3. The stick applicator is sturdy and reaches to the end of bottle to collect every drop of oil/perfume.
  4. The Perfume bottle is portable and ideal for travel
  5. It holds up to 10 ml perfume.


  1. The absence of perfume sprayer can be inconvenient.
  2. Since it is made of glass it has the tendency to shatter when it falls.
  3. It can be a little expensive for a tiny perfume bottle.


It weighs about 1.2 pounds. It measures 4.1 x 2.7 inches. It is a beautiful perfume bottle and it looks very glamorous. The quality of the shine on the shine is
gorgeous as it also glitters in the sun. The heavy glass makes it feel luxurious. It looks very high quality sitting on the desk, dressers or bathrooms. It also acts as an exquisite décor for the house.

5. YU FENG Heart Shape Enameled Empty Refillable 5ML Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle is very uniquely designed. It is small and has a capacity of 5 ml. The materials used for making this bottle are metal and glass. It has a beautiful design of dragonfly made with metal on the front. The cap has the ability to screw which ensures that the perfume stored maintains its aroma and doesn’t leak. It is definitely small enough to fit any purse.


  1. The compactness of the bottle makes it a staple for everyday use and it fits almost any purse.
  2. It is sturdy and very premium looking.
  3. The dragonfly design makes it look so catchy and it looks great as a décor item.
  4. The cap shuts well ensuring that there is no leakage of perfume.
  5. The glass and the pewter of the bottle is well made and thick enough to
    avert any kind of breakage.
  6. It is portable and ideal for travel.
  7. It is cost effective.


  1. It doesn’t come with any funnel to fill in the perfume or oil.
  2. Its compactness can sometimes be inconvenient as it fits only 5ml of perfume.


This beautiful vintage inspired perfume bottle measures at 3.1 x 1.7 inches and fits 5ml of perfume/oil. It is made of metal and glass and acts as a beautiful décor item. The bottle is quite sturdy and looks premium. It comes in a bunch of colors and design to choose from. It also has a beautiful dragonfly design on the front of the bottle.

Vintage Style Perfume Bottles

Which Perfume Bottle is the Ideal Choice?

There are so many options of perfume bottles from shapes, size to design, color and price range to choose from. The choice solely depends on the user /buyer.

The above mentioned bottles are all unique and vintage inspired. They are all effortlessly beautiful and sparkly. The first two bottles come with a balloon spray and tassels which gives it a very hollywood-looking and classic touch to it. The 3rd one is an Egyptian vintage inspired design and is very unique. The colours reflects beautifully and it looks like it would contain a magic potion of some sort. The fourth bottle looks pretty much like a diamond. It is gorgeous in terms of visual and it is a little more expensive. The last bottle is another uniquely designed bottle. the dragonfly metal design is surely gorgeous and it is so tiny, it can fit into any purse/bag.

So depending on the type or aesthetic, the buyer can choose from amongst these vintage-inspired perfume bottles.

How to Fill the Perfume Bottles?

There are tiny funnels that helps to fill up refillable perfume bottles. Some manufacturers provide these type of funnels with the bottle but not all of them. But there is no need for worrying as these funnels are easily available in the market on online and they are very reasonable.

If purchasing a funnel just to fill the bottles sounds in convenient, an eye drop, dropper or syringes can also come in handy as their mouths are very tiny and can fit through the mouth of the perfume bottle.

What are the Benefits of Vintage Perfume Bottles?

  • The main purpose of these bottles are to store a perfume or scented oil.
  • These small bottles can help to store a portion of a favorite scent to carry in a purse.
  • It can also be used to store and keep essential oils handy at all times.
  • The beautiful designs of the bottle enables it to be kept as exquisite decor items on shelves, vanity or dresser.
  • A great gifting item for a friend, girlfriend or people who are avid fans of perfume collection.


Everybody likes to smell good and it is always good to be complimented for smelling good. Of course, good hygiene is a no brainer for smelling good but it also depends on the perfume/ scented oils . It is important to smell good as poor smell can indicate bad hygiene. Regular showers and using deodorants are ways to smell fresh and clean.

Perfumes can also amp up the freshness by providing a unique or agreeable scent. The aroma in a perfume can really help a person to smell nice and fresh. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody has to carry a perfume bottle at all times. There are mini perfume bottles that does the job of holding a portion of a person’s favorite scent. These kind of refillable perfume bottles are really handy and useful. They are not just beautiful to look at but also very functional too. Some of the bottles and designs mentioned above can also be an ideal choice to store a perfume. They are all very cost-effective and comes in beautiful packaging.


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