Top 5 Best Vintage Style Bicycles For Women

Why Are Vintage Style Bicycles So Great?

Did you ever wonder why vintage bicycles from the 1930s, 1940s or 1950s come back in style? Why are bicycle companies producing vintage style bicycles? And why do hipsters adore vintage and classic bikes? Vintage and classic bikes are technically simple, so they are easy to repair, while also being extremely comfortable and easy to ride.


Vintage Style Bicycle Frame Styles

Vintage, classic and retro style bicycles are available in three different frame styles. While you can also explore some other styles of the vintage bicycles, the classics are the single speed, the 3-speed, and the 7-speed bikes. No matter which style you choose, these are all quite comfortable and very easy to ride.

If you wish to ride a bicycle with a bit of a different frame, the Mixte style would be a great choice for you. This style’s vintage bicycles consists of two slender tubes, which connect the front tube to the rear axle. The bicycle experts consider the Mixte style a robust and stable design, which was quite popular in the European countries during the early twentieth century.


Vintage Style Bicycle Wheel and Tire Types

If you think all vintage bicycles are equipped with the same types of wheels and tires, then just check the wheels of a few vintage cycles in your town. You may be surprised to find some differences. The two most common wheel sizes for vintage style bicycles are the famous 26” and 700c wheel sizes. The 26” wheels are also used on mountain bikes. These wheels are wider and tougher than other type of wheels which is why mountain bikes are also called all terrain bikes.

The 700c wheels on the other hand, are larger in size and slimmer in shape. This type of wheel is very common on road bikes. The 700c wheels can be equipped with larger tires to provide the rider with better comfort and better control on the road.

The vintage bicycle manufacturers have tried to improve the design and performance of the wheels. You can search for the vintage style bicycles with double-wall rims, which are certainly better than the single frame rims of the old bikes. Vintage bicycles look absolutely beautiful when they are equipped with cream wall or white wall tires. Be sure to keep all of these things in mind and buy a vintage bicycle with wheels and tires that are durable and beautiful.


Vintage Style Bicycle Gear Options

People’s needs and preferences for different gear types vary when it comes to buying a vintage style bicycle. You should buy a single speed bicycle if you don’t want to spend money and time on complicated gear maintenance. The 6-speed bikes and 7-speed bikes are great for riding on hilly roads, especially if you are going to carry a load on the bicycle. The 3-speed bicycles come with an internally geared hub, which requires very low maintenance and offers a nice and clean ride. Gearless vintage bicycles are great to ride on flat roads because you don’t need to apply extra power to pedal the cycle.


Vintage Style Bicycle Brake Choices

You should buy a vintage bicycle with v-brakes or dual pivot caliper brakes. Modern bicycles are usually equipped with far more reliable brakes, which are safer and more powerful in comparison to old caliper style’s brakes. The dual pivot caliper brakes are the brakes that offer an antique appeal to the vintage style bicycles. The high-quality vintage bicycles used to provide the users with the power of the v-brakes, which were considered the best at that time. You can choose a bicycle with the v-brakes because such bicycles are considered great for regular use.


Vintage Style Bicycle Color Styles

You get many impressive color options when you are buying a vintage style bike. Of course, color matters because it is a great way to express your personality. Vintage green, black, navy, and white are some of the most widely used colors for vintage cycles. These colors provide your bicycle a more subtle and classic appeal. The red, yellow, and green colors provide a more vibrant look to the bicycle. While the primary considerations for buying a vintage style bicycle are its durability and comfort, the color will work to improve the charm of the cycle, so choose wisely.


Vintage Bicycle Accessories

The most necessary accessories for the vintage style bicycles are the pannier racks, mudguards, chainguard, kickstands, and the basket. You should make sure that your chosen vintage style cycle is either equipped with these accessories or compatible with aftermarket accessories. The pannier racks provide an ideal space for to carrying large and heavy items. The full length mudguards protect your clothes from splashes of mud and water. The kickstand is necessary for parking the bicycle. The basket will help you easily carry smaller, lighter things; if you have a puppy or a small dog, you can even bring them along in the basket to enjoy a nice bicycle ride.


Modern But Still Vintage

There several bicycle types that look very similar to original vintage bikes from the 1903s, 1940s, and 1950s. Some look almost as if they were sold 70+ years ago.  But not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a restyled vintage bicycle. Fortunately, you do not need to buy an expensive redesigned vintage bike to get a bicycle with a classic look and feel. Bicycle types like the Comfort bike, the City bike, the Utility bike, the Track bike and the Cruiser bike are very similar to the original vintage bicycles. They are are well designed with classic, vintage looks and most importantly they are available at very reasonable prices.

With everything we have covered in this post, you should be able to find the best vintage style bicycle for you. That is all you need to know before buying a beautiful and durable vintage bicycle. Now it is time to check out a curated list of some great vintage style bicycle options. We want to help you get out on the road as soon as possible and enjoy a fantastic ride.


Top 5 Vintage Style Bicycles – Comfortable, Easy to Ride and Reasonably Priced

So now we know that vintage style bicycles are good if comfort, easy riding and low maintenance is important to you. Fortunately there are some great quality vintage style bicycles for sale that are cheaper than redesigned vintage bikes. After extensive research and input from bike buyers like you, we have gathered a list of the Top 5 vintage style bicycles for women.


1. Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser


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This three-speed Women’s Cruiser uses an awesome Shimano inner gear shifting system, it is one of the simplest gear systems to use and operate. You’ll appreciate all the more high power riding and go farther separations than at any other time envisioned conceivable on a cruiser.

This vintage style bicycles has steel frame and 26” wheels. Internal 3-speed hub is from Shimano and gear shifter from Nexus. It comes equipped with comfortable, rubber block pedals. Nothing bad here, Shimano is one of the leading bicycle companies. You can choose from several different colors, which makes this bike easy to personalize.

Conclusion: This bicycle is perfect for women, because it’s easy to ride and maintain, has a strong frame, and is easy to personalize with multiple different colors. Great bike for urban or beach riding.



2.Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser


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Riders appreciate a smooth, easy ride with Firmstrong’s Urban Lady cruiser bicycle. It comes in two sizes – 24-inch (for riders 4 feet to 5 feet tall) and 26-inch (for riders 5 feet to 6 feet tall). The Urban Lady comes as a solitary speed that is perfect for easygoing riding, a three-speed that is ideal for long rides and climbing slopes. Or one-speed which is great for classic and safe riding.  The single-and three-speed models have napkin brakes, while the seven-speed offers front and back handbrakes worked through levers on the handlebars.

This bike is a work of art, the breathtaking steel cruiser edge is supplemented by 24-or 26-inch aluminum wheels, which highlight the wide white-divider tires that roll smoothly provide a cushioned ride. The wide, curiously large seat has double springs that provide good support and make the ride delicate and cushy. 

Firmstrong has been designing high caliber bicycles for more than 10 years. Their focus on mixing style and utility makes their bikes fun and exciting – more than just a method of transportation. There are than 17 color variations. And it fits perfectly with car mount racks.

Conclusion. It has many customizable options, is easy to ride and is very affordable. This bike is just as good as number 1 in our top 5.



3. Huffy Cruiser


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Huffy’s Cruiser Bike takes third place with its elegant good looks and classic easy ride. This bike is perfect for a Diva. This bike will make you look gorgeous and fashionable.

Bicycles frame is very classic and includes a pannier rack. This bike has a comfort package which includes a padded spring seat with embroidery accents. The dual density grips and pedals help make every ride even more comfortable.

Conclusion. The Huffy Cruiser is comfortable and elegant. This bicycle will help you to become a true Diva.



4. Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser


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The Firmstrong Beach Cruiser is a good cruiser for taller women. The 26-inch single-speed Chief Lady Cruiser bike from Firmstrong features a 17-inch elongated steel body frame and a forward shifted crankset that shifts your feet forward during riding. The 4-inch extended body frame provides more space between you and the handlebars. It also creates a more relaxed and comfortable ride as you’ll feel less cramped. This bike is a great fit for most women between 5 feet, 4 inches and 6 feet, 4 inches.

This bike comes as a single-speed that’s ideal for casual riding. A three-speed that’s perfect for long rides and climbing hills. And a seven-speed that uses a high quality Shimano internal gear shifting system. The single-and three-speed models have napkin brakes, while the seven-speed offers front and back handbrakes.

The stunning steel cruiser edge is supplemented by 26-inch aluminum wheels, which highlight the wide white-divider tires that roll smoothly provide a smooth ride. The large seat has solid support from the double springs that make the ride delicate and cushy. 

Conclusion: Firmstrong’s Chief Lady Beach Cruiser is made to be simple, easy to ride, and affordable. If you are looking for a simple and quality, bike this might be your best choice.


5. Firmstrong Bella Beach Cruiser


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This Firmstrong Bella Cruiser is the cheapest in our Top 5 and has been one of Firmstrong’s best-selling women’s models. It looks vintage style, but still modern. They now make it in a 3 speed-gear with the Shimano Nexus 3 internal hub system. It has 17” frame which fits most women well. This bicycle is great for longer rides, or hill riding. The Bella 3 speed is awesome for exercising, going to the beach, or just cruising around town.

The thicker tube system is a newer body frame style that is growing in popularity in the bicycle world. This popular Firmstrong model comes standard with painted rims, front and rear fenders and white saddle and grips. To brake with this bike you have to use pedal-backward coaster brakes.

Conclusion: This Firmstrong Bella Beach Cruiser bike is cheap and at the same time simple, comfortable and easy to ride.


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