Top 5 Best Family Bike Rack in 2020

So your family is into outdoor sports and everybody in your household loves to ride a bike. But what if you live surrounded by high-rise buildings and you cannot simply just ride out of your door or yard and cycle for fun? It would mean that you have to mount two or more bikes onto your car and go somewhere where nature is more pleasing and you can have a pleasurable single or family ride. The family bike rack even becomes a necessity if it is something you want to do at least once a week, maybe more. Family bike rack is practical and helpful.

You can look for a good, solid rack that can fit all the bikes that you need, but if you look for example, at the choices available on “Amazon”, you would have to sift through specifications for almost hundred bike racks. We have found Top 5 Best Family bike rack list from costumer reviews. To make your selection process a bit easier and definitely quicker, here is a choice of five best currently available family bike rack that will not only do the job properly, but are an adequate value for the money in what they offer for their price tag.

ProductThule 2 Classic Bike RackAllen Sports DeluxeHollywood Racks E3 Express



Racor Pro PLB-2R



Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
No. of Bikes24322
Price ~399.99 $ ~ 69.99 $ ~ 59.99 $ ~ 65.99 $ ~ 46.99 $
Dimensions34.5x17x84 inches24 x 16 x 3 inch20.3 x 5.7 x 30.1 inch79 x 26 x 19 inch4x13x23.5 inches
ConstructionHigh Strength SteelSturdy SteelHigh-strength SteelHeavy duty SteelMetal
Our RatingA+A+AB+B
Thule 2 Classic Family Bike Rack
Thule 2 Classic Family Bike Rack

1. Thule 2 Classic Bike Rack

This is among the most expensive family bike racks but one that falls into that category “what you pay is what you get”. It can be considered a real investment for both serious and casual bike riders. It delivers both, performance and convenience, since its bike tray and “SecureHook” arms are set up so that you need minimal effort and time to both load and unload the bikes. It has no annoying dials and levers is very versatile and has a modifiable clamp.

The only downside could be its somewhat confusing set of instructions, something that could be corrected for the asking price.

Allen Sports Deluxe Family Bike Rack
Allen Sports Deluxe Family Bike Rack

2. Allen Sports Deluxe

A third of the price of Thule 2 and fits four bikes. It is getting very solid reviews from both professionals and casual riders due to its solid structure and ease of setup. It will take you not more than five minutes to set up this family bike rack. “Allen” comes with 22-inch long carrying arms that will secure your bikes individually using the Allen patented tie-down system. 

The customer reviews usually stress the high quality of this Allen family bike rack.

Hollywood Racks E3 Express Family Bike Rack
Hollywood Racks E3 Express Family Bike Rack

3. Hollywood Racks E3 Express

Another rack with excellent customer reviews, raising it quickly on the top sellers list. It is a three bike trunk rack, that is confirmed to be very steady. Its soft cradles are set up to protect the bikes in any situation. This rack also has an integrated tie-down strap, The purpose of it is additional security, no matter what the circumstances are.

Racor Pro PLB-2R Family Bike Rack
Racor Pro PLB-2R Family Bike Rack

4. Racor Pro PLB-2R

You do have to store your bikes somewhere, and this is a very useful and affordable two bike stand. Safe Family bike rack is not for cars, but in our opinion its grate choice. American customers love this stand due to its very solid structure. Racor has independent adjustable arms that allow you to better accommodate the bikes with almost no hassle. This stand has vinyl coated cradles to protect the bikes and you don’t even have to use any bolts screws or fasteners.

Allen Sports 2-Bike Family Bike Rack
Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Family Bike Rack

5. Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

A more affordable, 2 bike version of the Allen family bike rack (and they do have more racks in their line) that can fit onto almost any vehicle, whether it is a sedan, hatchback, minivan or SUV. Using the latest technology, you can now take your bikes to a longer trip. It is another easy to assemble model that comes equipped with a patented individual bike tie-down system.

The only con and sole reason it is not higher on this list is the fact that the rack cannot be locked to the car.

So, the choices are there, whether it is only the two of you or the whole family wishing to have one or more enjoyable rides further away from home. Hopefully you can find the right family bike rack that suits your needs.

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