Introduction of Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dress are totally unique, beautiful, and timeless and are a trend that continues to get more and more popular. Once considered quite difficult to obtain, there are now numerous online stores and lovely boutiques that are popping up everywhere, designed to suit every budget and to cater for every conceivable style, from the 1920s through to the 1980s. Granted, buying an original vintage wedding gown may not work out for every bride for various reasons (such as not finding the right style or size etc). But if you have your heart set on wearing a vintage dress for your big day, here are 4 tips to take into consideration when embarking on that search as follows:

1. Seek an you shall find

If you have settled on wearing a vintage wedding dress, then be prepared to spend the effort and time in searching everywhere for it. Check out any and all boutiques that deal with vintage, sign up for emails, and provide your wish list and details to buyers/owners in order for them to keep an eye out for you when on their next buying trip. Also, do not be afraid to try out online stores where you may be lucky enough to pick up some excellent vintage gems.

2. Alterations

Wedding dresses/gowns are often handmade, which means that they are created specifically for the original wearer. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that you will find one that fits you perfectly. Do not be put off by this if your choice for a vintage dress requires alteration (the same applies to those dresses with size labels) because apparently we are a bit bigger nowadays than our grandmothers and mothers.

3. Careful inspection

As with anything that is second hand, it is usually a case of buyer-beware. Some vintage wedding gowns can be up to a century old and are likely to have some damage in their makeup- stains, pinholes, or flaws etc. Reputable online stores or boutiques should be completely upfront about such problems, although you also have to carefully inspect the vintage dress to make sure that you are satisfied and can live with any imperfections. Ensure that you check thoroughly since many vintage outlets do not do returns.

4. Be decisive and avoid delays

If you find a vintage wedding dress that suits you, do not dilly-dally. These wedding gowns are one of a kind and if you do not purchase what you like at the outset, chances are that someone else will snap it up and you are unlikely to find one that you will like any time soon.

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It can be difficult to find a vintage wedding dress that is perfect in terms of your preferred style and size because by nature, such dresses are a one-off and so finding the ideal one involves a lot of luck and a lot of searching. However, if you are unlucky not to find the perfect vintage, do not despair as the craze for vintage means that it is now reflected in many of today’s new wedding dress designs that ooze the sophistication, glamour, and decadence of that golden age of fashion.

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