Tips for Cycling with Children

Cycling is a healthy and perfect to share with family activity. We share safety tips regarding to young children and their bikes. But what happens when we have a younger child and we want to take with us on a bicycle? We give some very important safety tips for biking with your baby.

Do not bring babies less than 1 year of age

Biking with babies less than 1 year is not recommended. Professional road safety recommend not to carry infants less than 1 year pushchairs bike, but wait minimally to fulfill one year of age to ensure you can wear a helmet suitable size, which is an essential measure to take cycling.

If a younger baby would take too big helmet for head, it may cause the risk that entails. For smaller babies it would be ideally to use a tricycle or bike with built stroller, which can be used safely carrying your baby.

The baby should always wear a helmet and use car seat

When your baby reaches the year you can carry on your bike with car seat attached. Both seats for adult bikes and trailers which are attached to bicycles children should get used to always wear a helmet. Make sure you also use helmet to model a good example.

When choosing a helmet for your little one make sure that it meets all safety requirements in your country. Check out with your local bicycle business finding safer helmets for babies and children, and ask for help to choose one that is the right size to protect your child’s head.

Trailers: another good and safe option

Another option besides the bicycle seats are the trailers. These types of trailers are attached to the adult bike to be very stable and are considered safer than seats.

Although the trailers are more expensive than seats, they have the advantage that you can use throughout childhood your child, you can take more than one child, and also will serve as a place to take your purchases.

Choosing a right seat for your children

If you choose to use the stroller to carry your baby on your bike, make sure that support is high enough to contain the total weight of the child. You must also have a safety belt of good quality, and footrests for the little trip with no legs dangling. There are seats that are placed in front of the adult and other behind. The important thing, you choose which one you pick, it is that you make sure to buy a car seat that meets safety requirements.

Use night light cycle

If you take your baby bike when its dark, it is important that your bike has nightlight and appropriate reflectors.

Only adult

Only mom, dad or another adult can take the baby in bicycle seat. It is important that older children do not, because they may not have enough ability and knowledge even to maintain safe maneuvers on the bike carrying children.

Choose the way

When you bring your baby in bike you choose safe and traffic free roads, as bike paths, quiet neighborhoods and parks.

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