Some 8 Tips Which Dermatologist Follow Themselves

There are so many skin problems through which people go every day. They often visit best dermatologist in Karachi and yet are unable to see some visible difference. Here we have some useful 8 tips listed for you which maybe the dermatologist wouldn’t tell you. It just involves making minor adjustments to your life.

1. Make Use Of Eye Creams:

There are so many who have consistent dark circles, even making several variations into there are unable to get rid of those dark circles. The eyelid skin is the most delicate and thinnest part of the skin. So, you do need to spend some time here, this means that you need to use some eye creams to maintain the density of this area. As this area also represents age very quickly through wrinkles so maintaining it is very crucial.

2. Use A Silk Pillowcase:

You may have hard rumors about some sleep lines, the way you snooze could leave some slight lines on your face. Many studies have been conducted and have concluded that sleep position also have an impact on wrinkles. Hence with silk, you face would slide against the pillow which would every possibility of even marks on your skin. This is what most of the dermatologists also do to have a younger looking skin.

3. Use Headphones While Chatting:

Cell phone contains more germs than a toilet seat and this holds very true. As many studies were conducted and found out that a single smart phone contains 7000 bacteria. Hence, keep your phones away from your face. As some of the bacteria can also lead to skin breakouts.

4. Cut Out On Your Sugar Intake:

All kinds of processed foods contain high amounts of sugar, which promote acne into your skin. Not only nutrients would recommend on cutting on sugar, but your dermatologist would also say the same. As it’s been a long time since it has been proven that sugar does have a negative impact on skin as the molecules of sugar can stiffen the collagen basically the protein which helps keep your skin healthy.

5. Sunscreen:

Everyone knows sunscreen is vital to stop anti-aging process of skin. But yet sunscreen is not the first thing which people apply to their skin. Sunscreen was being tested and it was found that sunscreen is the most effective when it is put on bare skin. Hence, you need to apply sunscreen first, and then feel free to apply all soughs of makeup. As sunscreen would help to protect from the radiations of sun and makeup would give you a flawless skin.

6. Utilize Tomatoes:

Health and tomatoes have always been linked together and there is a reason behind it. Red fruits are full of nutrients which are beneficial for health as well for a glowing skin. Tomatoes help in brighten skin, reduce the age spots and discoloration also. See, how a single thing serves multiple purpose so make sure that you never miss out on it.

7. Maintain A Consistent Routine:

Oversleeping in the morning and sleeping late at night discourages you to fulfill your skin care routine properly. You need to maintain a proper routine and be sure to use all the recommended products by your dermatologists. This would make sure that you get the desired results but in case you plan out missing a few things then it is obvious that results won’t be evident enough.

8. Use Mineral Products:

Instead for applying thick layers of foundation, mineral makeup is free of preservatives and chemical which means great for your skin. Sometimes makeup can also lead to worsening skin conditions as the ingredients may not suit you skin, which may lead to breakouts and acne. Make sure to use products that suit your skin or opt for mineral products as they are chemical free which means no chances of breakouts.

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