Small Introduction and History of Cruiser Bikes (Beach Bikes)

Every day and fun time cruiser bikes. Cruiser bikes are iconic and full of history. Nothing makes free time better then riding in beach with cruiser bikes. A period when you didn’t have a consideration on the planet and could simply appreciate the effortlessness and opportunity of the wind in your hair and the sun all over as you accelerated around.

Big tires and heavy frame

Cruiser bikes are familiar with balloon tires, simple design and upright riding position. They been around since 1930s when Schwinn first designed Cruiser bikes. Schwinn idea was to make affordable as an alternative to the expensive bikes. Sport bikes in 1930s, 40s and 50s were expensive so cruiser bikes where perfect alternative. First Schwinn Cruiser bikes were heavy with big frames and wide tires. Wide tires gave cruiser advantage to its opponents – it was easier to ride in beach (sands). Tires won’t sink anymore. Vintage cruiser thanks to its heavy weight handled much better. From a practical point of view Cruiser’s wheels are hard, but easy to control. They have wide tires, but it makes it easy to navigate through the sand. Americans, as yet reeling from the Great Depression, soon embraced the cruiser as a reasonable and favored approach to get around more likely.


Cruiser bikes immediately earned a notoriety and reputation for being solid and simple to ride along, and by the 1950s and 1960s, cruiser bikes achieved the stature of prevalence. Different makers immediately hopped on the cruiser fleeting trend, every offering more innovative and remarkable plans to charm new purchasers. From dragon themed cruisers to models that included artificial gas tanks and AM radios, there was a cruiser suited to each identity and personal taste.

Cruiser bikes – Best for Beach riding

With such prominence, it didn’t take yearn for cruiser bicycles to end up an indispensable part of the beach shoreline scene. Since cruisers are anything but difficult to ride and their fat tires exceed expectations on level territory and sand, they rapidly got to be prevalent in excursion destinations as an economical and fun distinct option for an auto. Local people and visitor of all ages could pedal to the beach shoreline, bicycle crate loaded with snacks and covers, and spend a day skipping in the surf and sun. This lighthearted and ease approach to get around set up cruiser bicycles as a notable and iconic part of the beach and sun lifestyle. From Miami to Los Angeles beach riding with cruiser bikes.

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