Sexy Vintage Pin-up Looks for Valentines Day

Playful, Romantic Evening with Vintage 

There is a reason why vintage pin-up models, such as Bettie Page, seem to find their way back into fashion. Items from their classic look are still worn, such as red lipstick, lace-up corsets and peep-toe high heels—distinctively sexy vintage pieces that are timeless—which can vamp up your Valentine’s Day, or also be carefully used to lend a sexy, glamorous vibe to an evening look.

Pin Curls and Red Lips

Pin curls are simply curls that are set by using hairclips or pins to hold the shape of the curl into place. After releasing the clips, your curls can be loosened and styled with your fingers or slightly brushed out to soften the look, and sprayed into place. There are several tips online to achieve a classy, pin-curled look.

Red lipstick is not only an easy way to add a pop of color to your face, but it also draws attention to your mouth, and of course, lips. It’s a simple, yet bold statement for kissable lips to mark your mate. If you find your red too harsh, blot your lips with tissue to tone it down.

Lace-up Vintage Corset Top

Lace-up corsets have been in and out of fashion for centuries. They were worn by pin-up models, for example Bettie Page, to cinch the waist into an hourglass figure and accentuate curves. Modern corsets are less restricting than old-fashioned, historic corsets.

If you plan to wear one just for fun, purchase your corset from a novelty store. But if you want a better quality corset to wear more often, it should be purchased from a lingerie specialty store like Victoria’s Secret.

If you don’t want to overdo the Valentine’s Day theme by wearing too much novelty red, you can opt for a satin black corset instead and use red accessories. A black corset can also be worn on other romantic occasions, or even out to dinner underneath a chic blazer.

Thigh-high Stockings With a Backseam

Gil Elvgren, a famous pin-up artist, often painted the models wearing sheer black, thigh-high stockings with a backseam, held up with a garter belt. The top of her stockings, easily exposed by a burst of wind (think Marilyn Monroe), gave a peek of what was underneath.

When worn with a cute dress (such as a black and white polka-dot one), your backseam stockings will give your outfit the desired 50s glamour-girl look. Also, the backseam allows the viewer to follow the line up the back of your legs for a sexy, unexpected visual effect, leaving more to the imagination.

It’s more tasteful if you wear a long enough dress or skirt (just above or below your knees), which will easily prevent you from overdoing your look. Save the mini dress for another day.

Peep-toe High Heels

Vintage pin-ups are also often depicted wearing peep-toe high heels, which come in a variety of styles. They are also a little more comfortable, allowing your toes to breathe a bit without squishing them at the tips and without sacrificing style.

Top off your look with heels that give just a peek of your freshly polished toes.

Using these signature details from vintage pin-ups are easy for a timeless, glamorous and sexy vintage look for Valentine’s Day or to spice up other romantic occasions with that special someone. Save the red lipstick and peep-toe heels on days you’re feeling adventurous and bold. Also, prevent from looking too harsh or campy by keeping things understated and tasteful—like a true, classic pin-up


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