Before you Buy: How the Swimsuits Evolved? Know Everything from the Beginning

Summer is the time when everybody wants to move out of their homes and enjoy swimming on the beaches and in the pool. Of course, it would feel quite odd if you get there in normal outfits. You need to put on the swimwear that can endorse the charm your figure possesses. You need a perfect swimsuit to look gorgeous and confident on the beach or around the pool area. The swimsuits are evolved with time and today’s sexy bikinis are ruling the hearts of users. Although the modern bikinis make women look very sexy and charming, but the charm of vintage swimwear is different. Even plus size vintage swimwear will make you look better.

If you think women during the 50s and 60s used to look less sexy in their swimsuits, just check the collection of vintage swimwear. You will find that things were quite interesting during the 19th century. It was the time while all the clothing trends were changing. The new outfit designs were replacing pre-19th century clothing. The designers were trying to make women feel more independent and free and therefore much sexier swimwear styles were introduced. Today’s sexy and eye-catching swimsuits seem quite inspired from the early and mid 20th century swimwear. Keep reading to reveal how the swimsuits evolved and how you have got what is trendy today.

The evolution of swimsuit styles

The evolution of swimsuits had begun during the late 19th century. The swimsuits during that age were quite long and quite similar to frocks. Therefore, you may not recognize it if someone presents it as a swimsuit of the late 19th century. Let’s check everything in a detailed way to soothe your curiosity about the evolution of swimsuits.

  • The late 19th century swimsuits:

The women were not comfortable in exposing too much skin between 1880s and early years of 1900s. The full coverage of skin was in trend at that time and that’s why the swimsuits of this age look quite similar to frocks. There were no restrictions to be fair, but exposing the skin was prevented to avoid the wrong impression.

  • The 1920’s swimsuits:

The true evolution of swimsuits had begun during this era. It was the time while the women were allowed to expose more and look sexier. The almost women outfit styles during the 20s were quite new and more eye-catching then what women used to wear before. The era of 1920s was amazing because now women were using sleeveless tank suits. Although these suits did not completely liberate the women, you can call it the first step towards the freedom of using sexier swim-dresses.

  • The swimsuits of 1930s:

This would not be wrong to say that 1930’s swimsuit designs are still in trend. These suits were one piece suites and these were all the rage. This swimwear design was an inspiration for all the upcoming designs. The one piece design of the 30s looks quite similar to the swimwear designs of this age, but the fabric and prints were pretty different at that time.

  • The charm of 40’s swimwear:

The swimsuits in the 40s became sexier, more attractive, and quite open. The halter top bathing suits were gaining a huge popularity during this age. It was a sexy corset style, adopted by numerous women. The bikini, which is considered as the sexiest swimsuit till the date, was first introduced ruing the 40s. It was first launched in Paris and later got famous all around the globe.

  • The one piece swimsuits of 1950s:

The one piece swimsuits were introduced during the 30s, in the 1950s also more versatile designs and styles of this swimwear introduced by the designers. Some of these designs were exposing more skin than others. All the brave ladies used to wear the bikinis. Those, who were not comfortable with the bikinis, continued using the one piece suits. The popularity of bikini was increasing because women used to feel more confident about their looks in this swimsuit.

  • Swimsuit designs from the 60s:

The days of one piece swimwear were over because the swimsuit designs during the 60s were exactly what you get today. The trend of liberating the skin and bikini’s popularity encouraged many women to try something that can allow their body to breath comfortably. Yes, the bikini was dominating and other less skin covering swimsuit designs were also ruling the market.

  • Swimsuits of the 70s that belong to brave women:

The minimal coverage and high waisted bottoms, it was what famous during the 70s. The designers were fully encouraged during this age and they had no issues in experimenting with the designs. A lot of new styles came to existence, which were designed to endorse the charm of the true feminine beauty.

  • The neon and high-cut pieces of the 80s:

Any woman in the 80’s swimsuits used to catch attention of all the people around the poolside and beaches. The high-cut pieces and neon made the women look more gorgeous. More and more women were using high-cut bottoms to look sexy and more attractive.

  • The Swimsuits during the 90s and later:

The high-waisted swimsuits with bikini top got famous during the 90s. It was the time, when all the recent styles of swimwear on a high demand. Women, who were comfortable with the bikini, used to wear it bravely. Those, who wanted to cover more, they used to wear the high-waisted bottom with the bikini tops. The era of ultimate exposure took place during the early 21st century. All the health conscious women were working hard to maintain a sexy figure. It was a pride to expose that figure in a sexy bikini. That is what still going on and that’s why many impressive designs of swimwear are available today.

That’s how the swimsuits evolved from a full body covering suit to the sexy bikinis of this age. Now you know what belongs to the 19th, 20th, and the early 21st century. You can select your vintage swimwear style and buy it online here at SecretofDiva. All the vintage swimsuits are still purchasable online. Most popular vintage swimwear type is high waisted vintage bikini.

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