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Why You Should Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress?

It may sound a bit weird that you should try some vintage wedding dresses to choose the best dress for your wedding. You may think what is wrong with the contemporary wedding dresses and what makes vintage dresses better than the latest dresses. This article will give you a glimpse of famous wedding dresses from the past. Thus, you will know why a vintage wedding dress will make you look more impressive. Keep reading to explore the world of timeless wedding dresses from the 20th century.

The styles of wedding dresses in different eras

Different wedding dress styles ruled different decades during the 20th century. Most of the fashion conscious women used wedding dresses with loose-fitting sheath and narrow shoulders. These dresses were the best suited for the women with straight, petite, and apple figures. Then came the era of slim and narrow wedding dresses. The dresses during the 30s were columnar with curve-revealing and bias cut. You can try these vintage wedding dresses from the 30s if you are tall and own a curvy body shape.

The wedding dresses during the 40s were designed to make the brides look more gorgeous and slimmer. The broad and puffed shoulders were quite good to create an illusion of a smaller waistline. The wedding dresses with the sweetheart neckline also got a huge popularity during this age. Then came the post world war era, when the women were trying many new dressing trends. The wedding dress length reduced to tea length skirts during this age. Dresses with fitted waist and princess cut got famous during the 50s. Women with pear, hourglass, curvy, and plus-size figures can try the wedding dresses from the 50s.

The 1960s is known as the age of the A-line wedding dresses. Dresses with long slender skirts and empire waists had got a huge fame during the 60s. You can also try these A-line vintage wedding dresses, but you would look quite better if you have slender arms, legs, and smaller busts. The narrow skirts were back in the wedding dresses during the 70s. Women loved the Victorian style wedding dresses with puff shoulder. These wedding dresses are still the best for women with a variety of body shapes. Princess Diana’s wedding gown had got the attention of the whole world, when she had worn it on her wedding during the 80s.

The fashion designers have done many experiments with the wedding dresses during the 80s and after 80s. The charm of vintage wedding dress styles has never ended because those dresses still look pretty awesome. The fabric, prints, designs, and the timeless look of vintage dresses from the Victorian era, and the 20th century is simply awesome. You would certainly like to try some of those vintage dresses. It would not be so difficult because those dresses can be available online. Yes, many of those vintage dresses are preserved. The manufacturers still produce those dresses to provide what many women demand to wear on their wedding day.

How you can look more attractive in a vintage wedding dress?

The vintage wedding dresses are the best if you wish to look different, timeless, and the most beautiful woman on your wedding day. Though the wedding dress only would not be enough to gain a perfect look, you will have to find the best matching jewels and footwear. Try the vintage wedding shoes with the dress you have chosen. There are many great designs in the vintage shoes that will enhance the charm of your dress. Get some accessories and see how you look. You will certainly gain a timeless attraction, which would not be possible by trying a contemporary wedding dress.

Not every bride agrees to wear a vintage wedding dress. Many prefer the new designer gowns and yes, they look attractive in those wedding gowns. However, the vintage wedding dresses take you back in that age. These dresses make you feel special and a pair of vintage wedding shoes can make you look a perfect bride. No other wedding dress will make you look as beautiful as a vintage wedding dress, if you have planned a vintage style wedding. So, go for it and try it because it is awesome.

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