Vintage Dresses Guide for Finding an Impressive Dress from the Past

What do you check when it comes to buying a new dress for a special occasion? Do you check the quality, fabric, and design with a unique impression? What if you get all these attributes in a single dress? It may sound weird, but the vintage dresses are known for providing everything that a man and woman needs. Especially, the women’s dresses from the Victorian era, post world war era, and the retro age look pretty special. You can grab the attention of numerous people if you try something from the past that is still a timeless attraction. Continue reading to reveal some unknown facts about the vintage dressing trends and dresses.

The vintage dresses by era

Although the dresses from the gothic era and the Victorian era may not seem feasible to wear on normal occasions, those dresses are still admired from their quality and styles. Let’s get back to a journey of how the dressing trends were changing during the 20th century and what you can try now from that age.

  • The First world war dresses

The true change in the dressing trends had begun during the First World War. It was the time between 1914 and 1918 while new dressing styles were introduced in the whole Europe. The fashion experts also call it the era of women’s liberation while the skirts were getting shortened and more comfortable clothing styles were emerging for the women.

  • The flappers of the 20s and 30s

People used to consider flapper as an outrageous term. It had become the symbol of women’s fashion during the 20s while the flapper dresses were first introduced. Shorter skirts, cloche hats, and stylish high-heel shoes used to make the women look pretty gorgeous. The dresses with designer prints were introduced during the 30s. Those dresses used to be embellished with different ornaments and look pretty attractive, whether short of full skirt.

  • The utility clothing era of the 2nd World War

The period of the 2nd World War was not pretty awesome in terms of the growth in fashion. All the European countries were struggling to survive against the dominating power of Germany. Therefore, utility clothing had become famous during this age. The women were working hard to support their nation. Even in the USA, women used to wear normal and more comfortable clothes in which they could work for the whole day.

  • The post world war era

It would not be wrong to call it the New Look Era because the fashion industry was resurged after the devastating 2nd World War. Many military influenced garments were ruling the markets during this age. These dresses had ruled the markets till the 50s.

  • The rock and roll age of the 50s

It was the time while the fashion industry was focusing on endorsing the true charm of young women through the clothes. The credit for coining the word “Teenager” goes to this era. The tops and skirts became famous and offered a freedom of living a comfortable life. 1950s dresses are one of the most popular dresses till modern days.

  • The introduction of minis in the 60s

The short mini dresses were first introduced during the 60s in Britain. Those dresses had become trendy and therefore numerous dresses were exported to the USA from Britain. The young girls and women were free to expose their beauty and therefore baby boomers were ruling the markets across the UK and the USA.

  • Dresses from the mid 60s

Although miniskirts were ruling the market during the 60s, many other dresses were also introduced with new prints. The European fashion was getting influenced by the eastern and middle-east fashion. There were Afghan coats in trend, Indian embroidery influenced fashion designers to enhance the print quality, the Nehru Jackets become famous in the UK and many artistic designs were introduced during this age. The women were getting inclined towards the ethnic look and therefore it is also called the Hippy Era.

  • The era of romantic clothing during the 80s

The Hollywood has always inspired normal people for trying something different and unique. Many actresses were appeared in colorful, sexy, and partying dresses that were also available for common buyers. The maxis, homecoming, and other evening dresses got famous during this age. In addition, the dresses with oversized shoulder had become the daily use dresses for young girls. They used to wear such dresses in the college and outings to feel free and comfortable. Cocktail dresses become popular even. Of course, most of those dresses are still worn by the women during the parties and special events.

  • Fashion after the 80s

It would not be fair to say the vintage fashion belongs to the eras before the 80s. A number of stylish dresses were introduced during the mid 80s and 90s, which are not worn by the ladies today. The retro west dresses like Grunge had got a huge fame during the late 80s. Polka dots, minis and sexy gowns were ruling the market. The young girls had no problem in using the minis inside and outside the house. The women used to wear the utility dresses at home and sexy gowns on special occasion. A variety of styles were introduced by fashion designers, which had played a vital role in developing clothe styles that women prefer today. The vintage dresses are still in demand, and many women wear the dresses from the mid and late 20th century, whenever they prepare for an evening party or a special event like a wedding. Vintage Inspired Wedding dress will look perfect.

Where to buy best vintage style dress?

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