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Know about 1950’s Dresses to Reveal How Those Dresses Contributed to Today’s Fashion

The 1950s dresses puts imagination to work. History of vintage dresses might started in ice age. But boom started in middle of 20th century. Not revealing all the details of women’s body vintage dress makes Secret of Diva. In 1950s dresses and clothing where started to manufacture in mass. Clothing standards was improved and many fashion fans could afford favorite clothing. Huge fashion effect was from Europe – Paris. Many European fashion designers created clothing standards and icons. Dior’s iconic ‘New Look’ arrived in Paris in 1947 and it was new clothing world. Doors was open for new ideas and winds in fashion trends.

A comprehensive range of clothing styles makes it pretty simple to choose a perfect dress today. Do you know how the current trends of dresses are inspired from what the fashion designers had designed during the 50s? Yes, the 50s dressing styles have contributed a lot to the contemporary fashion. The Ruchette look is certainly derived from how women used to look during the 1950s dresses. The 40’s fashion was about to over and new fashion trends had started evolving. The new look era was about to begin and the fashion designers of that age had no idea about how influential their work will be for the upcoming generations.

It is also called the post world war era, when all the men were getting back to their dwelling after the end of 2nd World War. The women were more focused on utility clothing than fashionable stuffs. However, still new dressing trends evolved and adopted by the women at that age. Let’s get back to the 50s and reveal how the fashion trends changed between 1950 and 1960.

Clothing trends between 1950 and 1955

The cloth manufacturers were now using new machines and techniques of producing clothes. The fashion was in transition and therefore new styles and silhouettes was in trend. The sheath dress had got famous during the early 50s, later the skirt, bodice, and jackets got in trend. The whole world was adopting the American look during this age. The evening dress had become an ideal option for the evening parties. The high waisted dresses and swimsuits were luring more and more women at that time. The designers presented many dresses with loose waistline. The skirt length was reduced and therefore the women had more to show off and look sexier.

The women were willing to look more charming by endorsing their figure. Therefore, the leading brands introduced relaxed silhouettes and Dior had introduced the H-Line Vintage Skirt, which got a huge popularity during 1954. The soft and bright colors’ fabrics were in high demands therefore the contemporary clothes were available in bright shades. 1955 was the year when the western users were introduced to what women use in the eastern countries. Many new colors, fabrics, and styles from the east got famous in Europe and the USA. You can say that 1955 was the year while the eastern fashion and western fashion were merged to form something new.

Clothing trends between 1956 and 1960

It was clear that the comfortable clothes will remain in trend for a long time, but the classic formal clothes had got back again during 1956. The American Broadway Musicals like My Fair Lady were hugely responsible for comeback of formal clothes. The dresses made from satin, silk, and chiffon got a huge popularity during this year. The Asian fabrics and styles were gaining more popularity due to their unique appeal.

The two-piece, boxy fit suit was first introduced during 1957. Women liked the trend of blouse with an open button jacket. The h-line skirt and decorative jackets were ruling the markets and were in huge demands. The designers improved the charm of evening dresses and tweeds by trying some new fabrics and new styles. Hence, many women were not willing to wear loose shape “sack dress”, the trapeze dress was introduced to meet the demands.

It was clear that one style cannot rule the market for a long time, so the designers were trying to maintain the popularity of different dress styles. The manipulation of fabric was at its peak during the 1959. Today, you can find many 1950s dresses, made from different fabrics. The trend of the Sack Dress was over during 1959. New dresses were in huge demands and that’s how women adopted new fashion and new trends by saying goodbye to utility clothes of post world war.

Where to buy the 1950s dresses now?

Many impressive dresses were designed and introduced by the leading fashion brands after the 50s. Though that age has gone, many women still wish to try what was in trend during the 50s. If you are one of those women, who want to try the 1950s dresses, then go online and find a store where you can find a complete range of 1950s dresses.

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