Most Popular Vintage Inspired Dresses and Buying Guide

Introduction of Vintage Inspired Dresses

The fashion trends change quite quickly. You do not wear clothes that women used to wear 10 years ago. New designs of the dresses quickly take over the market and thus the old trends get vanished. People do not care too much about modern clothing trends because the dresses are not that much changed within the last decade. You can spot a big difference between the vintage inspired dresses and the contemporary dresses, if you compare the old fashioned dresses with the contemporary dresses. Today’s women love to look trendy, but the modern dresses are not as forgiving as the vintage style dresses used to be.

Now is the time, when you can bring some old dressing styles to a new life and for that you must have knowledge about vintage dress designs, styles, and what makes them different from modern dresses.

The fashion during the vintage era

Everyone knows that the fashion during the early 20th century was quite different from what we see today. It was the time after the First World War, when things started changing and women had got the right to vote. It was an indication that women are free to follow what they believe and they can wear whatever they like. The fashion started changing during the early 20th century and the changes in dressing style, dress design, and the fashion accessories are explained here.

Vintage Fashion during the 20s

You can divide the 1920s in two parts because the fashion in the first half was different from the 2nd half of the 20s. The Edwardian era’s wasp waist gowns were replaced by the chemise. The Chemise was a simple, streamlined, tubular, and straight dress that used to come with a dropped waist. The hemlines in the 20s chemise dresses were up to the ankle and you can call it very long. These were the flapper dresses, which were introduced with hemlines just below the knee. The flapper dress has ruled the whole decade and it had become the most popular dress of this age.

Many women had bought the flapper dress because it was available in a variety of fabrics, designs, and also with several different adornments like beaded chiffon, lame, velvet, lace, and sequins. The women used to wear the flapper dress over a slip dress. These dresses were chosen widely by the women because they could shimmy and move freely in these dresses without facing any sort of discomfort.

Vintage Inspired Dresses 1920s
Vintage Inspired Dresses 1920s

Vintage Fashion during the 30s

The dressing trend during the 20s was evolving, but the designs of the dresses were not pretty enough to express the feminine charm. The women got what could make them more appealing during the 30s. The dresses during this era had shapely lines, which were designed to celebrate the female figure. The women during the early 30s wore dresses, which emphasized the shoulders. These dresses had the defined waistline, butterfly sleeves, angular shoulders, and puffed sleeves. The dresses of early 30s were designed to offer the user an illusion of a slimmer waist. The midi length dresses replaced the calf length dresses till the mid 30s. The women also used to wear tops and bottoms of different designs during this age, which was something unique for many women.

The women dress trends were changed quite quickly during the late 30s. The eveningwear gowns had quickly replaced the old style dresses. These gowns were available with halter neckline and an emphasized open back. The women used to wear full length gowns, which were prepared from metallic lame fabric. Things like bias cut were introduced during the 30s, which are still famous among the women fashion designers. The dresses of this age could make any woman look charming because of their unique design.

Vintage Fashion during the 40s

It was the time, when people across the globe were trying to survive during the destructive World War 2. You can say that the fashion trends of 30s were not possible during the war time. The fabric materials had to be rationed and therefore the clothing become quite simple. It was the time, when new fabrics were used to design the dresses. The American traders used to depend on the European countries for the fabric and fashion demands. The 2nd World War had blocked the trade and therefore the American designers had designed and produced clothes independently.

The women’s dresses during the 40s were designed with voluminous sleeves and pleats. These dresses were slim and the length of these dresses was just below the knees. You can say that the dresses were pretty simple because the clothing materials were rationed for the war. There were no designs and ornamental stuffs over the dresses.

Vintage Inspired Dresses 1940s
Vintage Inspired Dresses 1940s

Vintage Fashion during the 50s

The amazing changes in the fashion trends came after the World War 2. It was the time, when the clothing designers had done several experiments with the designs and styles. There were incredible options in the women’s dresses during the 50s. It was the time, when American users had access to the European fashion trends. The rounded dresses with ballerina length hems become popular during this age. Many women had also tried the sheath dress. It was the era, when dresses with ornate necklines become too popular. Dresses with jeweled collars and low-cut necklines got popularity. You can call it an era, when many charming women’s dress patterns were introduced. The designs of that age had led designers to design more impressive dresses in the future. 1950s vintage dresses changed fashion world a lot. Add some vintage style shoes and you will look amazing.

1950s dress buying guide.

Vintage Inspired Dresses 1950s
Vintage Inspired Dresses 1950s

Vintage Fashion during the 60s

The dresses before the 60s were designed to outline the silhouette and emphasize the curve. The trend started changing with the introduction of loose fitting frock. Yes, the impressive frocks had come into the fashion during the 1960s. These designers used to prepare these frocks from solid, sequins, and fun print fabric. Ladies were crazy about these frocks because of their unique shape and comfort offered by these dresses. As you can see, many girls and women still like to wear those shift dresses and will remain famous for a long time.

The A-line dresses also become famous during this era. These dresses were prepared from a wide range of fabrics. You can still find these dresses in many colors, fabrics, patterns, and styles. The floral dresses, A-line dresses, and shift dresses were trendy during the 60s after which many amazing designs introduced by the designers for the women.

Getting vintage prom dress.

Vintage Inspired Dresses Buying Guide

So, now you know about all the famous vintage inspired dresses, which are listed with the era in which those dresses were famous. Undoubtedly, many of those vintage style dresses are still popular and seem attractive. You can find the best, if you consider a few things listed below:

The vintage and thrift are two different things:

It should not be too difficult for someone to find vintage style dresses in the thrift stores. It does not mean that vintage dresses are thrift items. The vintage inspired dresses are unique. You can find a variety of patterns, which women used to choose during the old era and those patterns make those dresses appealing.

Which is your favorite vintage era?

The fashion designers had introduced different styles’ dresses during the different eras. You can check the names, designs, and styles of the dresses from the 20s to the 60s in this article. It should not be so tough to recognize, which era’s dress would look the best for you. Check the dress designs, patterns, colors, fabrics, and size availability to choose the best vintage inspired dresses for your shopping.

Why you need a vintage style dress?

The vintage inspired dresses are the dresses, which women used to wear during the old era. Of course, most of those dresses are not in trend today. You must have a good reason to choose one, if you are planning to buy one. It can be a theme party, an event in your institution, or something else. The place, where you are going to wear that dress, will help you in choosing a perfect era and a perfect type’s dress. So, consider the reason carefully before you start the shopping.

Choose a vintage dress that can improve your beauty:

The most important thing you should check before buying the vintage inspired dresses is your body shape. The vintage dress designers had produced different styles’ dresses for different body types. The Vintage Pencil Dress was designed during the 50s, especially for the women with hourglass body shape. Similarly, many other dresses were designed for the women with different body shape. You can search for the dresses that can enhance your charm and turn you into an attractive woman.

Other things you should check before buying the vintage inspired dresses are the size, fabric, color, and the length. There are plenty of options and thus it becomes very difficult to find all the famous vintage style dresses in the local clothing stores. You can get everything from the old fashion trends online. The online vintage dress suppliers provide the best selection in the dresses from the vintage eras. In fact, you can find some great deals for some of the most impressive dresses at online stores.

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