Nice Hair After Getting Up: With These 7 Tips It Works!

You get up in the morning, drive through your hair and are perfectly styled? That sounds too good to be true because you like to leave the house not only fashion wise top styled your hair should be looking great as well.

Washing, blow-drying, straightening and styling hair is a lot of work. Especially since you often have to struggle with a greasy approach in the morning and actually just want to get to the office quickly without having to style yourself for a long time.

But what can you do in the evening to make your hair look good in the morning? And what should you not expect your hair to do overnight? We have seven hair tips for you:

1st. hair tip: hair care overnight

For a hair mask to work properly, it must usually remain in the hair for quite a long time. So overnight you can do something good for your hair and use a mask to keep it moist and shiny. The easiest and cheapest way is coconut oil.

Simply comb the oil into the hair and massage it into the hair tips. After washing your hair in the morning you won’t see any split ends and you can style your hair as usual.

If you wash your hair in the evening use a keratin shampoo without silicones to make your hair strong and it can breath during night

Tip: Put the towel on the pillow to keep everything clean.

2nd hair tip:  Use a soft hair band durning night

First of all you need a very soft hairband, which forms the basis for all night hairstyles. The best thing to do, cut a strip about 5 cm wide out of an old, thick woollen socks. The soft band prevents your hair from being pushed in at one point.

This way you can wear your hair open the next morning even without a rubber print. This makes styling easier in any case.

3rd hair tip:  The right hairstyle

A night hairstyle suitable for long hair goes like this: comb your hair carefully and throw your mane over your head. Now you can do a normal braid over your head. The advantage here is that you are not lying on the plait and the hair cannot knot.

A side plait is a nice alternative as well.

4th hair tip: Beach Waves overnight

Another night hairstyle that gives you beautiful waves in the next morning is a herringbone plait. Simply moisten your hair a little and divide it into two strands. Braid down each braid individually on the side and fix it with a soft hair band. Styling your hair the next morning is almost no longer necessary with this hair tip. Simply open some dry shampoo on the roots and the herringbone plait with your hands. Loosen the mane a bit and your beautiful hair is ready!

5th hair tip: No Bun!

A bun or bunt should not be used overnight. Twisting and turning can knot your hair and cause split ends. You will also be forced to wear a bun the next morning. Because you have combed your hairline up overnight – styling your hairline down again is quite difficult.

6th. hair tip: Use soft pillowcases

A soft pillowcase can help reduce hair split. Because the slightly rough structure of your cotton pillow rubs against your hair and causes split ends. A jersey or silk cushion prevents this knotting and protects your hair.

7th. hair tip for beautiful hair in the morning: styling hair – fast and easy

With the appropriate night hairstyles, your hair is well prepared for the next day. A miracle weapon against an oily hair is of course dry shampoo. You can also use it to make a braided hairstyle. Because the dry shampoo gives your hair a better grip and makes styling easier.

With the appropriate preparation the evening before, it is usually enough to loosen the hair a little or comb it again briefly. Whether Messy Bun, light waves or a lateral plait: The preparation is everything here if you do not want to wash your hair every day.

Follow this tips and enjoy your beautiful hair in the morning.

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