List Of Great 1950s Style Christmas Dress

Decades had passed, but the 1950s style Christmas dress remains a favorite among women of all ages. It is stylish and aesthetically pleasing that reaches the wearer’s unique taste and fashion sense. It comes in different designs, shapes, and sizes tailored for picky wearers out there.

The 1950s style Christmas dress can boost your fashion statement during different and special occasions. But what are the best options on the market this 2020? How to make the right purchase? Worry no more! In this article, you will know them all. Are you ready? Read on for further details.

1. GownTown Cape Collar Vintage Swing Stretchy Dress

GownTown Womens 1950s Cape Collar Vintage Swing Stretchy ...

GownTown has been providing every lady with a perfect, comfortable, and fashionable dress since inception. The Cape Collar Vintage Swing Stretchy Dress is one of the go-to options for many. It is popular because of its unique design, comfy fit, and affordable rate.


Hand-made – Yes, you read it right! The dress from GownTown is hand-crafted. It has been meticulously tailored to give ladies extra happiness and excitement.

Elegant details – The design, texture, appeal, and style are sophisticated. They are of high-quality and easy to the eyes.

Perfect shape – You have been working hard for the past years, so treat yourself with a new and unique 1950s style Christmas dress. It is available in different shapes and sizes to reach and exceed your needs.

Available at a competitive price – It’s tempting to try the cheapest 1950s Christmas dress to cut down costs. But nothing can beat the quality features of this fashion line from GownTown. It is longer-lasting and budget-friendlier.

Take your appeal on a different level – When attending a Christmas party or gathering, wear your best dress to stand out from the other ladies in the venue. This edition from GownTown will never be a disappointment.


It comes in different colors – It is available in blue, black, yellow, red, maroon, and more.

There are different designs to choose from – Whether you’re searching for a simple or gorgeous piece of clothing, you came to the right place.

It is made from the highest quality of materials – It is rich with Polyester and Spandex.

Flexible dress you cannot afford to miss – The dress from GownTown is perfect for numerous occasions. It is suitable for prom, wedding, vacation, homecoming, and other events.

Catchy style – Inspired by Audrey Hepburn fashion taste/clothing, GownTown dress is timeless, nice, and stunning.


The Cape Collar Vintage Swing Stretchy Dress also has some drawbacks, you should know. Some of them are highlighted below:

The size is different to the standard US size – The secret here is to choose the size from the GownTown size chart.

It is hard to maintain – Avoid bleaching or wringing this delicate and classic piece of clothing. But it is fun and challenging to use.

The delivery time is long – For urgent and important order, please feel free to contact GownTown for more information.

2. Samtree Women’s Polka Dot Dress

50s Dress in 2019

Our second favorite 1950s style Christmas dress is this Women’s Polka Dot Dress from Samtree. Made from a stretch cotton blend, the Samtree’s latest edition is available with a short sleeve with a sturdy belt.


Perfect to wear with tutu underskirts – Women’s Polka Dot Dress is easy and fun to pair with Tutu Underskirts.

It is a piece of clothing for all occasions – Whether you’ll be attending a ball or tea party, Samtree’s 1950s style Christmas dress has got you covered.

Comfortable to use – It is made with cotton and other special materials, which take its durability on a higher level.

Its design is timeless – Wear it with confidence, smile, and luxury.


It’s available in different colors – There are various colors to choose from, including red, black, blue, green, yellow, and burgundy.

The belt is adjustable – It’s easy to adjust waistline according to your needs.

It’s sturdy – Proper use and upkeep should not be overlooked to make the dress long-lasting.

It’s lightweight – Its weight ranges from 305 to 345g. It’s effortless and stress-free to wear.


You can’t wash them with light-colored clothes to avoid tough stains

It may be costly – But the design, comfort level, and style make the dress worth the investment.

It may be tricky to choose your size

3. DRESSTELLS Vintage 1950s Rockabilly Audrey Dress

DRESSTELLS Vintage 1950s Rockabilly Polka Dots Audrey Dress Retro ...

Have you been looking for a daring and sexy 1950s style Christmas dress? The long search is finally over. This Rockabilly Audrey Dress has been a top pick for many ladies out there. What makes it different from this list? Read on for more information.


85% cotton – It is soft, comfy, and soothing.

Zipper closure – It is effortless to wear and use. There’s no complicated procedure to follow. Plus, you can prepare within minutes.

A complete package – It contains one dress and belt, which enables you to save some cash and cut down the costs.

The skull/big cherry styled dresses are made of satin

The floral and polka dot dresses are made from cotton and elastane


A variety of designs – There are polka dot, floral, and skull styled dress, so it is effortless to find the right style.

It is fun to match with other dresses – With your creativity and imagination, everything is possible.

Great color variations – It is available in black, blue, burgundy, coral white, lemon, navy black, purple-black, purple flower, royal blue, and more.

Wear it in various events – From a tea party to a wedding, the dress is perfect for a range of special occasions.


It may be expensive to other girls – But the design, comfortable texture, and luxury style make the costs worthwhile.

The shipping period may last for days – But if you’re in the US, the delivery is fast and convenient.

4. Grace Karin Wiggle Dress

GRACE KARIN Women's 50s Vintage Pencil Dress Cap Sleeve Wiggle ...

Print dress fabric? High quality cotton? Zipper closure? This Wiggle Dress from Grace Karin has them all. It is comfortable to wear and can withstand the test of time.


Ideal for many occasions – It is perfect for cocktail, wedding, church, Kentucky derby party, daily casual, and office work

It is made from the finest and the highest quality materials – It has a blend of cotton, spandex, nylon, and other special components.

It hugs your curves – The wiggle dress has a slim fit, making you look elegant and sexy at all times.

Other features include 50s style, cap sleeves, back zipper, and slim fit.


Knee-length – It’s neither short nor long. It has the right dress length.

The colors include polka dot, solid, and floral – That means you have a lot of options depending on the occasion.

The collar line is V-neck – When searching for the same collar line, you came to the right place.


This wiggle dress from Grace Karin should be only hand washed – Also, avoid soaking it in water for a long time.

You cannot use chlorine bleach – Be careful when washing the dress to increase its longevity.

5. Bridesmay Women’s 50s Vintage Retro Rockabilly Party Dress

Bridesmay Women's V-Neck Audrey Hepburn 1950s Vintage Cocktail ...

There are many cocktail dresses on the market. The party dress from Bridesmay has been creating a buzz in the industry. It is fashionable, comfy, fabulous, and sturdy. What else? Here are the other benefits to expect.


Hypoallergenic – This party dress from Bridesmay has a skin-friendly fabric. Thanks to the quality of cotton and spandex.

Various and quality options – There are varieties of solid colors, patterned floral, and polka dots.

Great choice for parties – You can wear it during a Christmas party, vintage costume, prom, cocktail party, outdoor picnic, garden party, formal occasions, garden party, and more.

Classic design – It is made with a V-neck collar to highlight your slim neck and collarbone.


It comes with an Audrey Hepburn retro style – It will perfectly show your curves and make you confident.

The bow tie is adjustable – Adjust the dress according to your size and shape with ease.

The zipper is concealed properly – This is one of the reasons why it has been a top choice for many ladies.

A versatile option – You can wear it in special, casual, or formal events. These include birthday parties, weddings, etc.


The Rockabilly Dress from Bridesmay also has some drawbacks. Some of them are highlighted below:

The variety of options can be tricky to handle – The secret here is to identify your needs before making a purchase.

People find the price expensive – However, the design, function, and style make it worthwhile and meaningful.

How to Choose the Best 1950s Style Christmas Dress?

There’s a multitude of vintage Christmas dresses to pick, making the selection process complicated. Don’t worry! Here are some pointers to bear in mind:

Style – Catchy and Appealing

Classic Christmas dress is available in an array of styles. There are floral, and polka dot 1950s dress. What’s your choice? Both designs can be great but determine your requirements beforehand.

Comfort – Soft Texture

Aside from style, make sure your option is comfy and skin-friendly. Identify what fabric used. The cotton should be on top of your mind. It is soft to the skin and sturdy.

Price – Competitive Rate

Who doesn’t want an affordable, vintage dress? Of course, every lady prefers to cut down the costs. However, many consumers are quite tempted to choose the cheapest brand. Don’t have that thought in mind. While it can save some cash, it won’t last for months or years. It is important to invest in a quality option.


The 1950s Style Christmas Dress comes with a range of sizes and shapes. What’s your preferred length? Before you make a decision, identify your size. This saves your time, reduces effort, and prevents other hassles from happening.


A stylish and fashionable 1950s Christmas dress doesn’t ensure its longevity. It’s always best to choose the option made from the finest and the highest quality materials. A stunning and long-lasting dress is a worthwhile investment.

Easy to Wear

Have you ever tried wearing a classic Christmas dress before? How was the experience? Did you spend a few minutes wearing some of them?

Whatever the case may be, there are easy to use dresses, and careful research can make a huge difference. Yes, the shopping process requires extra time and effort. If you have a hectic schedule, find the time and don’t take shortcuts.


Are you looking for a 1950s Christmas dress without a good result? This list composes of the best and the most fashionable options. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you want the dress from Bridesmay or Grace Karin, you can be sure of the quality and lasting features.

Wear the dress of your option, increase your fashion statement, boost your appeal with elegance, become the best version of yourself, and inspire other women.

Add your top pick to cart today to avail great discounts and other deals.

Get ready before a special event happens. Enjoy and have a fun experience!

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