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Many Hollywood stars of the 20th century are renowned for influencing the fashion of that age. All the famous studios have created some stars, which have endorsed the brands associated with the studios. It shows how much people were following the style and dressing trend of their favorite actors. Of course, all the 20th century actors and actresses didn’t introduce fashion trend that lasted for decades. Only a few people are known for their timeless fashion trends and Katharine Hepburn was one of those actors.

She was born on 12th May, 1907 and become the top ranked actress of all time. The fashion experts still consider her as a timeless example of standout style. All the other actresses during her age used to wear glamorous dresses and heels. Katherine tried something different, which was inspired from menswear. She had got her signature look and today you cannot decide that style is a classic vintage dressing style or a modern style.

Katharine Hepburn Cute Dress
Katharine Hepburn Cute Dress

Katherine Hepburn became famous as an actress, who never followed others in her fashion. She strictly stuck to her guns and tried to be unique. You can find many images of Katharine in which she is wearing blazers and collared shirts along with loafers and trousers. She had worn various different dresses of different styles on various occasions. Her unique style had become the Katharine Hepburn style. Here we will explore some more essential details on fashion trends of this 20th century actress.

Katharine Hepburn in 40s
Katharine Hepburn in 40s

Try this if you want to dress like Katharine Hepburn

You can better understand Katharine’s style if you try to dress-up like her. You can follow the below endorsed suggestions to dress-up like Katharine Hepburn.

The menswear inspired style:

Katharine Hepburn had worn the dresses like skirts, but she had become famous for her custom-made trousers. She had worn those trousers in the Bringing Up Baby movie. Of course, you can try this look and for this you need a wide-leg pair of trousers in natural colors like camel, gray, black, or brown. You can wear a white button-down shirt with the trousers, if you are a working lady. You can also use the cardigan and camisole to get a more casual look. A pair of ankle boots will add more stars in your beauty, if you wear them while dress up like Katharine.

Understand her craze for oversize blazers and jackets:

You need to understand why Katharine was quite interested in menswear inspired fashion, if you want to adopt her style. She used to wear trousers with oversized blazers and smoking-style jackets. Katherine Hepburn used the wide-leg trousers that are still in use and modern girls widely using them with the blazers and shirts. She had also tried oversized jackets with tank tops and skinny jeans to look trendy and different from other actresses. If you don’t like the oversized jackets and blazers, then you can replace them with a tailored vest to get a perfect charming look.

Get a more authentic look with flats:

While high-heels will offer a modern flair, you can also pair your blazers and trousers with flats to get a more authentic look. That’s what Katharine had worn on many occasions with her menswear inspired clothing. She had appeared with the loafers paired with sleek leather jackets and her favorite trousers. You can also try this look or use a pair of your favorite jeans with a boyfriend blazer to get a casual look. Some fashion experts also believe that this style would look awesome with Oxford-style shoes. It would be one of Hepburn’s masculine styles for which she was famous during her age.

Keep it simple with minimum accessories:

Katharine was one of those 20th century actresses, who kept accessories to a minimum. She had always believed in endorsing her clothes and not her jewelries. You should also use the minimum jewelries, when you are dressing up like Katharine Hepburn. Use a bottomed collar blouse and pin a costume brooch over it. You can also try an oversized cocktail ring with the smocking jacket and trousers for a special night. Diamond or pearl studs earrings with a simple necklace will improve your beauty and make you look like Katharine Hepburn.

Katharine Hepburn vintage dress
Katharine Hepburn vintage dress

Some famous dresses wore by Katharine Hepburn

The menswear inspired clothing had become the signature fashion of Katherine Hepburn, but she altered her dresses in quite an intelligent way. There is a photo in which she is posing in wide-leg trousers with a printed blazer and a belt around her waist. It was quite a unique dress at that time. Again in 1935 she tried an embroidered high-neck jacket with trousers and she had received a huge response from the critics for this look. She was renowned for her androgynous style and that helped her in gaining headlines during 1938. She had tried a wide range of menswear inspired dresses and all of them were adopted by other actresses at that age.

People often wonder that why Katharine was so enthusiastic about the menswear and why did she appear in menswear inspired dresses many times. She had explained the reason in an interview that she had always wished that she was a boy because the boys could do all the fun things around. Katherine Hepburn had told people that her name is Jimmy and she had also requested her parents to call her jimmy because she wished that she could be a boy. She had admitted that Jimmy had become famous across the globe, when she started wearing menswear inspired clothes.

Today, almost every girl uses the jeans, shirts, trousers, jackets, and blazers. The credit of introducing such menswear inspired clothes clearly goes to Katharine Hepburn, who had started this trend back in the 20th century. Of course, most of her dressing styles are still in trend. Girls and women happily wear wide-leg trousers, blazers, and jackets. In fact, many working ladies use these clothes while they go for the work. Katharine had created Jimmy for the upcoming generations and yes, that Jimmy had changed the way girls and women dressed after her.

Katharine Hepburn dress
Katharine Hepburn dress

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