How to Dress for a 1950s Party

Are you planning to go to a party? Does it have a theme? Is the theme the 1950s? Well, if it is, I have some wonderful outfit ideas that you can choose from. A lot of the options that I will be laying out for you with be teaching you how to dress for a 1950s party.

The Housewife Outfit

Women in the 50s always put on a house dress and the apron every morning. This is an outfit that a housewife only wears every day unless she is going out to go for some errands or just visiting some of her friends. The house dress from the 50s is usually a down shirtwaist that is buttoned in a swing style, with a light petticoat, some flat shoes, and an apron. It is easy for her to make the beds, vacuuming, and tending the children with the full skirt. Though, when you look at some ads that feature a housewife from the 50s, you’ll usually see one that wears a wiggle dress instead, with a fancy apron, some high heels, and some pearls. A lot of 50s women dress like this every 5 p.m. for dinner time when their husbands come home from work.

  1. A shirtwaist dress – You should choose dresses that are cotton made in colors that are simple along with simple small prints, for example, polka dots, plaid, and checks. The dress is usually swing style, but going for a loose sheath dress can also be used. Big pockets can be a nice touch. Wear a belt that matches the dress.
  2. Full petticoat that is light.
  3. An apron that has the 50s style.
  4. Flat shoes, for example, the ballet flats or some loafers until her husband comes home it’s back to wearing the heels. White Bobbysocks can be worn instead of stockings.
  5. A hair scarf – The scarf should be wrapped around your hair. A lot of women went with pin curls onto their heads and also a scarf that is around them until they are dry for half a day.

What was it like to be housewife in 50s.

The Sock Hop

Teenagers from the 1950s dressed really similar to their mothers. On an everyday basis, the girls would wear a skirt that had a full swing along with a knitted top or long pencil-like skirt with a blouse and a simple cardigan to layer over it when winter arrives. Like their mothers, their usual outfit would be a dress though it had many more combinations of colors and a lot more details, for example, pockets, bows, and big belts. They wore some flats or even loafers. Some even wore the classic white Keds. If you want to go for a more casual look, you can wear a sleeveless blouse and denim jeans that are cropped along with your Keds. The accessories that they had were also very simple, like wide headbands and a chiffon scarf for your neck. Teenagers commanded 50s fashion trends.

The Office Outfit

This was also one of the signature-look for every woman. Wearing a pencil-like skirt, a blouse along with a nice cardigan sweater. Professional women that are in the field of the business office can rock this outfit. Women in the 1950s went hard on the sophistication by dressing up in a cardigan sweater that is beaded, with a silk blouse, some pearls, and a fitted pencil skirt, back seam stockings, and some kitten heels. They also wear a small hat and some gloves whenever they are going to and from their offices. This look from the 50s discharged some classy sophistication. If you want to go for a look that makes you look sophisticated, this is a perfect look that you should go for.

Women and gentlemen hawing party in 1950s

The Classy Girl from The City or Mrs. Maisel

A girl that lives in the city having high fashion dressed up in a coordinated outfit from head to toe in almost every of her outing. Women from the Suburban also dress up when they are traveling in the big city or going out for some dinner. She puts away the clothes that she wears every day and steps out of the house with the best dress she has, some back seam stacking that is usually black, tall heels, a small hat, a warm overcoat, a pair of gloves, some jewelry and a nice looking purse. If you know Mrs. Maisel or a fan of hers, you may have seen that whenever she goes out to have adventures in New York, she is always so dressed up ready to impress the people of New York.

The Marilyn Monroe

Image result for marilyn monroe party

In the 1950s, one of the sexy sirens was Marilyn Monroe. She captured a lot of men’s dreams and the jealousy of many ladies. The clothing that she wore were shorter, tighter, and very revealing than many women wore in the 50s. Marilyn Monroe wan a pin-up though she also had some sophistication and some class and some innocent side that was playful in her everyday life. A lot of her fashionable looks off and, on the screen, gives out a lot of outfit ideas from the 1950s. You can look up some of the outfits that she presented, and you can go for one that catches your eye.

Full article how to dress like Marilyn Monroe here.

The Sailor Outfit

It was a very fun time during the summer in the 1950s. With a halter neck and a thin strap dress and light in cotton, this goes with nautical colors like the navy blue, white, and red. These are the colors that started the season of summer with different visions of the beautiful beach. The clothes that are themed in seafaring were really popular back in the 50s of summer. You can wear a sailor dress and add some flats that are in color white, red, or blue with a hair scarf printed with some polka dots, and a beach bag for summer.

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