How to Cycle Safe in Town and Traffic

Cycle Safe

Do you remember how your parents or teacher sad – Cycle Safe!? Unfortunately, each year many cyclists die as a result of fatal accidents in city traffic, most of them caused by cars, vans or trucks.

As they say: Prevention is better than cure.

In this post we would like to show tips of recommendations for cycling around town safely and secure. A number of protective measures that will help reduce the possibility of suffering serious and even fatal accidents in city traffic.

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Some cyclists do not consider that the bikes are a vehicle (transport). A vehicle must also comply with the rules and traffic laws to ensure their own and other city traffic protection. Fortunately, there are more and more cities where you can find the famous bike paths. Or specially made area that is perfectly equipped to enable cyclists to ride without any problems.

But what are the main recommendations to be considered when cycling in city? What to know for cycling around the city? Let’s see.

5 Recommendations for cycling in city and traffic

Below you will find a series of tips that will allow you to enjoy maximum safety of cycling around the city:

  • Recommendation Nr.1. Clothing: It is advisable to use clothing which is reflective or light, especially at night, trying to get this close – it will help you to be more visible to other.
  • Recommendation Nr.2. Traffic Warning: Outputs and intersections are very dangerous, and is where most accidents occur. Pay attention during the tour you make with the bike and look carefully around you.
  • Recommendation Nr.3. Lights: If you ride with bike at night it’s important that your bike has adequate lighting so that other vehicles can see you perfectly. A buzzer will allow you to notify your presence.
  • Recommendation Nr.4. Concentrate on road: Look closely during your journey on the road, because sometimes you might find unpleasant surprises as potholes, puddles, stones, broken glass, sewer grates and others.
  • Recommendation Nr.5. State of the brakes: Make sure the brakes work properly because that will help you control the speed as you ride through the city and traffic.

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Follow these directions carefully when circulating with bike. You will ensure a high drive with the added security around the city with your bicycle and prevent accidents percentage. Have a nice, smooth cycling around city and visit our outdoor store here.

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