High Waisted Vintage Bikini Buying Guide

Vintage Bikini History

The 1920s was a decade where swimwear first started to resemble the swimming costumes we know of today. This was an era of female emancipation. From bobbing long hair short to hemlines getting higher and higher as it got increasingly acceptable for women to have careers. The new form that comprised of fitting swimwear reflected the spirit of this high waisted vintage bikini era. The trending swimwear style for both men and women was  a for fitted and knitted tunics and shorts. Swim suits and bikinis were made from woolen jerseys and perfectly suited the androgynous fashion figures of the time.

How Vintage Bikini Developed in 1950s

In the 1950era, fabrics that were used in the making of swimwear were improved. Elastic and nylon material were added in the construction of the jerseys to improve the stretching. And to make them dry faster after a dip. Bold colors also became very popular. Especially bold prints and checks, with floral pattern being the most common. Later on, high waist vintage bikinis and bathing suits became a classic sheath. The top had a sweetheart neckline with a very short and tight skirt covering the front part of the bottom. Which sometimes would extend to the back as well. This swimsuit did not get women off the hook from maintaining a 50s figure. The top piece of the vintage bikini had padded cups that would enhance the bust. With the rest of the wear fitted and enhanced to look more like a corset. Rouching was very common on both sides of swimsuits and high waisted vintage bikinis or running down a panel on the front side. The trick of the fabric was to create an optical illusion to hide unsightly rolls on the body. And making the wearer appear to be more slimmer. Some high waisted vintage swimwear had a zip at the backside to make it extra fitting or extra form enhancing.

One piece Swimsuits

Strapless swimsuits also became popular around the 1960s, and later on, halters were also introduced. These could have thick straps at the side of the suit. Or two ties that would be very thin emerging from the center. Two piece suits (vintage bikinis), were also worn but one piece were the most commonly preferred. They didn’t reveal much more than a bikini would anyways. And this might have been the reason why they were preferred. The bottom half of these suits was very similar to the one piece suits. Often with a similar method of ruching. The skirt came all the way up the the wearer’s natural waist. So that no belly buttons were visible. The top would be a strapless bra top. Sometime accessorized with halter ties from the middle. The front would be rounded and would sometimes come with at wist or bow in the center. That’s how high waisted vintage bikini born and developed.

High Waisted Vintage Bikinis Inspired Modern Bikinis

The modest 1950s bathing suit inspired the return of one piece bathing suit popularity. The two piece high waisted bikini came later on . The unique vintage colors, dots, the feeling, decorative details and the patterns all make vintage wear very popular at beach and pool sides in the modern day. A lot of stores today are carrying the 1950s high waisted vintage bikini culture in their swimsuits style.


Difference Between Modern Bikinis and Vintage Inspired Swimwear

To satisfy the ever changing fashion tastes of bikini wearers, some of the manufactures have come up with method of making bikini order in a very short time. Usually less than ten minutes. Most of these wears are custom made according to the specifications of the customers. Most of whom prefer high waisted vintage bikini inspired styles. Brazilian based beachwear manufactures been identified as having the highest number of sources for the most diversified range of vintage inspired bikini merchandise.
In one fashion exhibition show back in the year 1985, two piece suits with fashionably cropped tank like tops instead of the common skimpy and bandeaux suits that resemble a bikini front side. And one piece in the back side, ruffles, suspender straps and navel baring, daring cutouts. There are a lot of visible variations. Mostly on the theme including tankini, monokini, thong, string bikini, slingshot, teardrop, micro and the mini-mini.
As much as the term bikini was used to refer to the funny fashion. That displayed the woman’s navel in the 1950s. Most fashion industries today considers any two pieced swimsuit to be a bikini. Modern styles of bikinis today are categorized by a brief and simple design comprising of two triangular fabric designs. To form a kind of bra used to cover the breasts, and two triangular cuts forming a panty and used to cover the bottom. High Waisted Vintage inspired bikinis cover a larger part of the woman’s body, and are usually referred to as high waisted vintage bikinis.
The most modern bikini types offer very minimal coverage of the woman’s body. Usually come in one color. Vintage bikinis on the other hand comes mostly in floral patterns or polka dots, with ruffled details and timeless shapes. High Waisted Vintage Bikinis are made in big screen starlets designs from years ago. They will cover larger part of women and will make feel more comfortable.

Advantages of High Waisted Vintage Bikinis Over Modern Bikinis

The reason why most people prefer high waisted vintage bikinis is not only because of their uniqueness and style. But also because they are truly made from vintage materials making them durable and more complimenting to different body shapes. The High waist panties covers up unsightly roll on the body and the tank like tops come all that way down to almost meet the panties half way. They are very favorable for people who might be shy about showing too much skin and body. As compared to using the modern bikinis who will make you more naked.
Other people just love the floral patterns that come with these high waisted vintage bikinis. Unlike the modern bikinis which come in a single colors or very few color blend, vintage high waisted bikinis are floral or dotted which makes them stand out and very fashionable.
High waist vintage bikinis are the perfect solution for people who would love to have the bikini feeling but are insecure about their body. They compliment all body types and shapes. They give the wearer the confidence needed to show up at pool and beach parties without having to wear a one piece vintage swimsuit. Which is mostly considered as unstylish.

High Waisted Vintage Bikini Buying Guide

People get excited during the spring months because it is considered an ideal time to visit the beaches and have fun. Though every woman does not find it too exciting, still they wish to find something that can make them comfortable. The High Waisted Vintage Bikinis provide a great relief to many girls and women. It becomes a great outfit for them, when it comes to using a bikini that can provide a perfect sexy look and disguise some parts of the body. However, buying the High Waisted Vintage Bikini is not as simple as many women believe. You can make it simple by following a few tips.

Make sure the size is perfect:

The High Waisted Bikini is quite different from the normal designs because the bottom reaches to your waistline. Buying a bikini of a wrong size can reduce your appeal. The high waisted bottom will reach to the top, if you buy a large size bikini. Of course, it will sag and you will feel embarrassed on the beach. Too tight or small size bikini is also not good, especially if you use plus size dresses. A too tight bikini can expose your body assets in a very bad way and small size bikinis are usually too tight.

Which design is the best for you?

The High Waisted Bikinis come in various different designs. You can find the top with many different necklines. You can use the bikini with wide straps to get full bust support. In fact the bottom would control the belly in a way that it will create a slim waistline. So, it does not matter that you are a fit woman or overweight. Choose the high waisted vintage bikini design wisely because it can help you in attaining a shape, which you need while enjoying on the beach or poolside.

Color and patterns:

Of course, choosing a high waisted vintage bikini in a right color and impressive pattern is very important. You should choose striped pattern’s bikini, if you want to look slim and sexy. The stripes around the top and the waistline will make you look very sexy. Choose a bright color’s bikini if you have tanned skin. The bright colored bikinis are also great for the women with dark skin. Search for the high-waisted bikinis in dark colors, if your skin is white and if you want to gain a sexy appeal on the beach.

Where should you buy high waisted vintage bikini?

It should not be too difficult for you to find a bikini store. Many local retailers provide some great options in bikinis, but they may not provide some great options in the high waisted vintage bikini. Buying online would be a great idea because online bikini stores present many designs, colors, and patterns in the High Waisted Bikinis. In fact, you can find some great deals on bikinis in the online stores.

The high waisted vintage bikini help women in covering the required portion of the body and yet make them look attractive. You can get all the features and benefits of this swimwear, if you follow the guidelines.

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