Fashion Tips For 2019

Whether you are planning an evening out with your friends, going on a first date with your new love interest, or just looking for something for day to day wear, it is always a good idea to check out the most relevant and up to date trends in fashion.

Fashion helps build your confidence

One of the key things about fashion, and what you wear, is that it can be used as a tool to build your confidence; to make you feel happy, alive and to help you in representing yourself to the world around you.

Finding and wearing the right outfits for you can really help to portray yourself in the best way, to get the respect of your peers and to have people notice you no matter where you are. This can be done firstly by following the current fashion trends and secondly by applying those trends to your body shape.

Trend 1: Hippy modernism

In 2019 there is a notable trend towards hippy style clothing. This includes long flowing dresses, desert and sunset hues and Khaki colours. In addition to these clothing styles, there are lots of fashion accessories being worn to support the same modern hippy vibe including amulet jewelry and feathery accessories.

Trend 2: Owning your body shape

There has been a growing trend for some time now relating to the acceptance that everyone’s body shape is different. No longer are the catwalks filled only with size 6 models, but we are seeing more and more variety in the size and shape of models, even at the most exclusive fashion snows.

In 2019 there is a definite trend towards owning your body shape. No matter what size or shape you are, there is certainly no need to worry about stripes, or spots, or flowing materials to cover up any part of your body. Rather there is a trend towards using the material, patterns and colours to show off and accentuate your body shape.

The key takeaway message here is to be proud of your body. If you have a plus size figure be proud of it and equally, if you are a size 6, be proud of that as well. Pick out your clothing with the aim of promoting and showcasing your body, rather than hiding or distorting it.

Trend 3: Neon colours

Yes, that’s right; in 2019 we are seeing elements of an 80’s vibe resurfacing. Neon is once again the coolest of colours. There have been several celebrities recently endorsing Neon – most notably Kim Kardashian. And this has transcended onto the catwalk with famous designers including Henry Holland and Christian Siriano featuring Neon heavily in their Spring/Summer catalog.

Trend 4: Animal print

Animal print continues to be a fashionable choice as we move into Spring 2019. There are lots of models on the catwalk sporting leopard print and we are seeing a trend in mixed animal print as well – not just a single subtle item of clothing in this pattern, but multiple items that contrast and contradict each other. As with the Neon style, you can be as bold and daring as you want to be with this trend.

Trend 5: Be bold, be daring

Across all the current fashion trends in 2019, there is one definite and recurring theme. This theme is to be bold and daring with what you wear. Don’t worry about conforming, don’t worry about whether two colors go together and don’t worry about mixing styles. You only have to look at a recent article from fashion magazine Vogue to realize the trend for 2019 is to make bold and outlandish statements with your clothing.

This trend can be used for every aspect of your fashion – whether it means showing off your curves, or wearing something brighter than you normally would, or trying a different style of clothing, such as cropped trousers, than you would normally consider wearing. All of these elements will help you to be super trendy in 2019.

So whatever style or trend you decide suits you best, make sure you rock it with style – don’t worry, don’t fear and don’t be conservative in the slightest. Get out there and make a statement with the clothes that you wear.

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