Bikeroo Comfortable Cruiser Bike Seat Extra Wide Bicycle Saddle with Suspension – Great Replacement Soft Bike Saddle for…

COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH BIKE SADDLE – Due to thick padding and dual spring suspension, this Bikeroo cruiser saddle is considered one of the most comfortable and stylish bike seat since it improves comfort and helps you look awesome on your bike. Your bike will become a stylish accessory making you feel and look great.
GREAT FOR CRUISER BICYCLES – The soft padding and extra wide design makes this seat the perfect replacement saddle for your long and relaxing bike rides. Just imagine the great feeling of riding your cruiser bike on the beach or in the park.
ALL IN ONE PACKAGE WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE- peek into the package to find the beautiful saddle together with a rain and dust cover that will keep it in great condition no matter the weather, the mounting instructions and mounting hardware – everything you need to mount it fast and start riding. Don’t forget to check your email for the FREE eBook. Take advantage now also of the special DISCOUNT