Why Vintage Cocktail Dress?

Whoever said old is gold was clearly talking about fashion. Classic or vintage style is without doubt the hallmark of ladies fashion today. It has characteristics that appeal to a majority of style-conscious women who pay attention to trend, smartness and decency, particularly those who appreciate evening outfit. Every decent lady wants to show up at an evening occasion in a timeless vintage style. Vintage cocktail dresses are perfect for women who would like to look like timeless classic beauties on an evening occasion. Unlike an ordinary dress that may be designed with practicality as well as cost in mind, a classic evening dress often bears more luxurious fabrics, detailed and precise tailoring, featuring glittering embellishments that mark it out as something that is a little bit extraordinary. We decided to share with you a few helpful ideas on how to pull off a glamorous look with a vintage cocktail dress.

1. Consider the Weather

Carefully considering the prevailing weather conditions is crucial when you want to accomplish a tasteful vintage dress style. Current conditions will largely determine the type of evening vintage dress that is suitable for you. A shorter dress that is not extremely revealing might be an excellent choice during the warm months, whereas a fuller dress that perfectly brings out your curves in combination with other necessary warm outfits may be the preferred option for the cold months.

2. Know Your Body Type

Different eras were known for specific styles as well as silhouettes. That’s why some classic evening dresses are more flattering on certain body figures and shapes than others. For instance, women with shapely hourglass figures would look great in the full skirt vintage dresses from the 50s.On the other hand, women who have wider shoulders than hips (triangular shape), would look best in the 1950s mini dresses that have an A-line shape, the 1970s maxi dresses or the vintage empire waist dresses. If you intend on rocking a vintage style cocktail dress for a special evening occasion, it makes sense to know your body type so you can determine what will look best on you.

3. Know How to Accessorize Your Vintage Dress

If you want to pull off a unique look with your classic outfit, the secret lies with accessorizing. However, accessorizing does not mean putting on all the accessories that match a certain dress. A vintage cocktail dress style can change a great deal based on the accessories that you wear. Vintage cocktail dresses are usually quite versatile; large earrings alongside a couple of bangle bracelets and a shiny lipstick makeup are all that you need for a glamorous look. You can complete the look with a pair of gorgeous stilettos or wedges.


Everything that was old has certainly become new again. A vintage cocktail dress is the new way to show up at your next special occasion with style as well as flair. As gorgeous as they were when they first became popular decades ago, vintage style cocktail dresses make a perfect choice when you want to get noticed and stand out in the crowd.

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