Celebrities Dressing Style in The 1960s

The 1960s were one of the most stylish decades ever. After a decade of full skirts, belted cinched waists, many fashion traditions were broken, mirroring the social movements and the political changes in that period.
It was an era of transformation and fashion innovation. This era introduced more experimental fashions, and even more shapes such as boxy silhouettes, geometric prints, bold colors, etc. It was also an era to debut mini skirts, and in this style-defining era, no dress was too short.

The diversified trends of the 1960’s includes:

  • MOD look, short dresses with bright colors and bold patterns.
  • The bell-bottoms, Jax pants. Pantsuits, etc.
  • Knee-high boots, flats with low heels.
  • The super-short shift dresses.
  • The Hippie look, consisting of blue jeans, tie-dye shirts etc.

Let us learn more about the 1960’s fashion from some of the Celebrities that have left their mark in the fashion industry with their stylish looks.

Jackie Kennedy

The early years of the 1960’s fashion were all about Jackie Kennedy’s fashion taste. Her fashion and style were one of a kind. She kept it simple, clean, fitting, with the right accessories that complemented her look.
She was famous for her collarless dresses, short boxy jackets with a single button, her low heel shoes and of course her pillbox hat. She became the era’s fashion icon for her elegant and yet simple style.


Twiggy, whose real name was Lesley Hornby, was popularly known for her daring style and her way of mixing feminine style with a masculine touch. She was one of the most popular fashion icons of the decade. She was a trendsetter. Very often Twiggy would style her slim feature with a short, simple shift dress, exposing her legs or making her legs the centre of attraction.
Another of her signature looks was the ribbed sweater style which she would often pair with mock necks.
Twiggy also had her way with menswear. She would often style her mini skirts with ties, waistcoats, men’s hats, with thigh-high boots, giving a whole look a boyish touch.

Edie Sedgwick

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Edie Sedgwick, an actress and a model, has made a significant impact in the 1960’s fashion world. No matter what she wore, she had always exuded confidence. Her style is effortlessly elegant and comfortable going, feminine and edgy at the same time.
Her signature style includes leotard, jumper and tights. She can easily pull off the simplest of outfits giving it a chic look. Her best looks are those where she combines basic pieces like tank tops and jeans or shirt dresses with tights.
Edie Sedgwick also loved accessorizing her outfits. She would often go with her statement Chandelier earrings, that goes so well with her pixie haircut.
Edie remains a favorite in the fashion industry. She made sure that her personality shines through her fashion style.


The goddess of Pop, Cher, was a risk-taker when it comes to her style, and eventually, she became a popular fashion icon. Her style was simply beautiful and dramatic. She loved matching colors, quirky prints, flared trousers, and bold accessories.
She introduced the fresh Hippie look of the 1960’s era. She had always loved some fringe. Her look with a combination of fringe and bell-bottoms sure did remain as one of the staple styles of the 1960’s fashion.

Anita Pallenberg

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Anita Pallenberg was loved for her iconic Bohemian style. Her sense of fashion was impeccable. She likes to have fun with her clothes.
Pallenberg could effortlessly carry any look, from flowing tunics to super tight pants. Her style was heavily dependent on boots, cashmere, belts, floppy hats, sequined headgears, feathers, sunglasses, furs, etc.
She would wear almost anything that interests her: leopard-print bell-bottoms, silk blouses, super long fur coats, velvet trousers, chained belts, wide fedora hats.
Her quintessential rock look still serves as an inspiration for our wardrobes today.

The 1960s fashion marks the explosion from the conservative 50s way. Fashion gradually became more casual. The elegant, lady-like style from the 50s continued till the early stage of 1960s but was empowered by the youthful, child-like styles of Mary Quant, then followed by the ever so loved hippie style that went on to influence the fashion of the 1970s.


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