Best Vintage Style Corsets of 2021

Have you seen the fashion trend these days? Well, it maybe 21th century, but it isn’t advanced clothing that we have seen in sci-fi movies. It is vintage-inspired. Besides, there are many reasons why it is becoming popular these days. Especially vintage style clothing like corset.

While our grandparents will be much delighted that they can wear and reminisce about the good old times, there is something about this fashion trend that gave us something “new.” Rather than making it looks old, the quality and design value that vintage designs provide a fresh new look to our modern clothing.

Who would have thought that old design will bring something a fresh new look to our fashion trend this year?

Since we are already talking about vintage, another “vintage” trend is being reborn this year – and that is the corset. Thanks to the various influencers and celebrities, they have brought back the 16th-century garment to sport their modern looks. Usually made of leather, mesh, satin, or cotton, this is shapewear worn especially by women to hold as well as train torso into its desired shape. There is also a steel boning used to achieve a smaller waist and or larger bottoms. Traditionally, this garment was worn for either medical or aesthetic purposes, and to support breasts.

If you are following what corset your fave celeb is wearing or you just wanted to sport this vintage look, here are the following best retro corsets :

1. Charmian Spiral Steel Boned Steampunk Gothic Corset

The Charmian corset is made from quality material composing 18% nylon and 82% spandex. It is available in various colors like black, red, purple, violet, green, and grey. It features design elements of a steampunk-gothic fashion trend. It is made with steampunk faux leather, complimented with brocade embroidery pattern plus metallic zipper to perfectly secure and bind the edges of the corset. It also created with four-piece buckles décor in front and to complete its shaping or cinching properties; it has a lace up feature in the back.

This vintage steampunk gothic-inspired corset is made with 12 spiral steel boned. These boning properties will help support the fabric, preventing it to wrinkled and wear easily. With this, it will also enable the wearer to achieve a slimmer figure just like what the women from the 16th-century era have. One of the best ways to tell whether a corset has steel boning in it, you can easily test it using a magnet. To clear out your doubts, you can test Charmain corset to make sure it is steel boned.

The creator of this product aims to provide quality and comfortable corsets to their customers. That is why this product has a size chart that customers can easily check the right size suitable to their body and waist size. It is highly recommended to check in with their measure guide to ensure better and comfortable fitting than the amazon size chart. Remember, achieving that great figure doesn’t mean that you will be hurting yourself. Better choose the one suitable for you.

One of the best things that I look into to tell me how effective a product is would be through customer’s review and feedback. Well, with a great product Charmian, it is just expected that there are many satisfied purchasers. One of them has commented that she loves the quality, the design, and it perfectly fits her – to add that “hugged” and supported her breasts.

2. Olddnew Spiral Steel Boned Corset – Victorian Style

Victorian style vintage corset

From the name of the brand itself, it may be old design or vintage-inspired, but; it offers “new” levels of comfort. The Olddnew is a uniquely designed overbust corset that combines the vintage Victorian style’s elegance to the contemporary style of today. It is made of 100% polyester. Its lining is composed of 15% cotton twill and 85% polyester. With those materials, it is no longer a surprise that this product is loved for its durability and comfortability. It is also available in two colors; in Georgian pink and in black. With these colors, you can easily pair it with any color of your costume.

This corset is also complimented with brocade flower pattern and angled panels. And for extra comfort for the wearer, this corset comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. You can either adjust it by tying it up on both shoulders or just hid it inside to make it an off-shoulder corset.

Corsets are primarily used by women to help them have a smaller waistline, enabling them to achieve an hourglass-shaped body. Well, this corset is an instant bodyshaper. Thanks to its ten pieces of durable and lightweight 4mm spiral steel bones and four pieces flat and lightweight steel bones, it gives that corset constant support that you need.

Did we mention that you can reduce your waistline from one to two inches? Yes, it definitely can, but the creators of this product advise its purchasers to follow only their size chart when they wanted a corset for themselves. Don’t look at the amazon size because you might get a size that might be a bit bigger or smaller than the suitable size for you.

As a uniquely designed corset, there are simply a lot of ways that you can wear it with. Basically, it is highly used for weddings, Cosplay, stage performance, clubbing, or partying. You can also pair it with a smart jacket and denim jeans to achieve that casual look with a touch of contemporary style. Isn’t that amazing? Indeed, aside from it is available at a very affordable price, it also comes with a wide range of sizes, reaching 6XL size. So, there is no more stopping you from getting a corset for yourself.

3. Charmian Sexy Strapless Floral Gothic Vintage Corset

Sexy Vintage Corsete

Having one of the best vintage corsets made by Charmian, you know that you are choosing a quality product at a great price. Available in beautiful colors of white, red, black, and red-black, this Charmian’s sexy gothic corset is made from durable material. Their corset is made from 18% nylon and 82% spandex material. This corset has an elastic band and lace-up feature in the back, a hollow lace-up as its, and a busk closure in its front design. To complete its gothic-retro inspired sexy look, it comes with floral embroidery embellishment.

This Charmian Women’s Sexy Corset is great for a gothic-retro themed party, Cosplay, your Halloween costume needs, or use it as a great plus for your casual look. Just like with the other garment products, it is advisable to find a suitable size following the creator’s size chart than the amazon chart. To protect its quality, machine washes are not advisable. You can ensure to retain the quality of this corset through hand washing. Also, it is best to get this product from the creator itself in amazon and not a seller to prevent getting an imitation.

One of the best things that will tell me how effective a product is would be through the customer’s review and feedback. Well, with a great product from Charmian, purchasers have commended that it has great detail work that is perfect for Halloween costume and other events. Above all, this corset is available at a reasonable price. So, what’s not to love with Charmain corset?

4. Kimring Steampunk Vintage PU Leather Spiral Corset

Vintage Leather Corset

Here is another steampunk vintage-inspired corset, this is from Kimring. The Kimring Underbust Corset is made with 10% spandex and 90% polyester materials. These are quality materials that offer both durability and comfort to the wearer, especially it is an underbust corset. A faux leather splicing and delicate brocade fabric are combined, creating that classic-retro style.

On both sides of the garment, you will notice that it has a lace-up design with crisscrossed its way through the corsets D shape ring. It may be viewed as a way to decorate the garment, but it is also a way to tie up the garment. To adjust the size to fit your body perfectly, it also has a metal clasp in the garment’s front opening where you can tie the cord in back.

There are also 12 pieces of steel bones incorporated into the garment’s design to give better body support, achieving a slimmer waist. The steel bones are also great in making the fabric strong, in place, preventing it from getting wrinkled or deformed. Hand wash is recommended when cleaning this garment, and as much possible, it should be washed separately from other clothes.

As it is a steampunk vintage-inspired, this underbust corset goes well along with a blouse and a steampunk gothic skirt. It is also perfect to match up with your costume for Halloween party, masquerade, themed-party, and others. To avoid having fitting problems or wardrobe malfunction, it is better to be guided with the size chart created by the company and not just rely on amazon size. Also, don’t get from other sellers offering this product to prevent getting the imitated one.

When it comes to customer feedback and reviews, many of them have given five stars for this product. One of the purchasers was happy that it perfectly fits, flexible boning, and had a good quality stitching. Doing the front clasps was a little bit too tricky, but above all, she said that the product was worth the money.

5. Charmian Renaissance Lace Up Vintage Corset with Garters

Renaissance retro style corset

Last but not list of classic corsets for “best vintage style corsets” comes from the great corset makers, the Charmian company. The Charmian Women’s Bustier corset is made from 50% rayon and 50% Polyurethane or PU. This corset is available in colors like wine red, blue, red, olive, brown, and black. In terms of corset design, it has a zipper and lace-up closure for its front design.

For its back design, it has 6.3 inches modesty panel and a lace-up feature. It is also made with faux leather material and matching G-string and detachable garters. It also has wide shoulder straps and ten pieces of plastic bones to give that better body support.

Another great feature of this product is its vintage-inspired design. It has stylish renaissance-feels because of its lace-up and zipper closure. Its shoulder straps add to the complete look and comfort of a bustier type of corset. This preferably paired with a white off-shoulder top and a skirt or jeans. But you can pair it with any clothing that you deemed is perfect to the theme of the occasion. Well, if you may not ask, this corset is best used as your Halloween costume, costume for Renaissance festival, Cosplay, as well as for your casual wear.

To make sure that you will have the authentic corset from Charmain, it is better to order it from a legit marketplace and seller. In washing this garment, it advised to use cold water, and instead of tossing it to the washing machine, it should be hand washed.

In terms of customer reviews, well, many customers have stated that this is a quality product and have stated that they have purchased a valuable product at a great price. The lace was sturdy, the faux leather material was not flimsy or too shiny, and has a nice and firm boning. Some customers also pointed out that even if they were wearing it during a hot day, it didn’t give them hassles; rather, it is very comfortable to wear.

Some customer have a bit of issues with the shoulder straps, while others are okay with it; others say it is a bit big. But overall, this corset is one of the best vintage corsets to get.


There you have it – the best vintage style corsets. Corsets come in various types. There is a bustier, an overbust, and underbust. Whichever of these types that you choose, it is all up to you, just make sure that you choose the one that comfortably fits you. Make sure that you use the recommended size chart of the manufacture or the product’s creator to avoid getting a misfit and wasting money.

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