Best Vintage Shirtwaist Dress of 2021

Dresses have always been a big part of women’s fashion, and it will continue to be. There are a lot of kinds of dresses out there, and one of them is shirtwaist dresses. I’d say that shirtwaist dresses are pretty new, considering all of the other dresses that have been around. But I can confidently say that how old it is doesn’t mean anything when it comes to how pretty that kind of dress is. Shirtwaist dresses are fairly modern and something that any girl can wear and look awesome in. Especially when it comes to vintage shirtwaist dresses

If you don’t know what a shirtwaist dress is and is curious about it, then I’d say that you definitely would love this dress. Anyway, if you’re curious about what they are and what they look like, keep reading to find out. Shirtwaist dresses are dresses that take away some details from a man’s shirt, like cuffed sleeves, buttons, or collars. But a simpler way to refer to it is that it’s pretty much just a lot like a shirt but is made to be a dress. These dresses are usually made out of things such as cotton or silk or any fabric that a man’s dress shirt would be made out of.

There is a ton of great looking shirtwaist dresses out there, but which is the best of the best?

Here is a list of vintage shirtwaist dresses out there that I’m sure you can enjoy wearing. So, here is the Best Vintage Shirtwaist Dress of 2020:

Ellos Women’s Plus Size Sandy Shirtwaist Dress

ellos Women's Plus Size Sandy Shirtwaist Dress at Amazon Women's ...

This is a shirtwaist shirt that is full buttoned but also has a slight Y-neck and a collar as well. It also has pockets and belt loops with a tie. There is a variety when it comes to this dress, which pretty much just means that this dress has multiple designs that you can choose from to find which one you like the best. The package dimensions that you can get once your package arrives are 18 x 14 x 3 inches, with the package weight being 14.4 ounces. This package has 32 reviews, and all of them being positive ones. If you’re thinking about the reviews that I may be talking about, here is a summary of the reviews that they have, with their average rating in Amazon being 4 stars. And before I forget, this dress will cost you from about 44 US Dollars to 50 US Dollars.


Even though this is an amazing dress, it certainly does have its own flaws, so let’s get that out of the way first before we go-ahead to the good news. The main problem with this dress is that the sizes that they may provide to you may not be the right one for you. And if you have kind of short torso, this dress may not be the one for you, but it definitely is still worth it to try. And another thing is that if you’re on the bustier side, this vintage shirtwaist dress is something that you should be careful of. And there have also been some reviews mentioning that this dress may be a bit too loose at the waist area. Anyway, moving onto the good news, this dress is a really good quality when it comes to the item, they sued to make his dress. This dress is more of a retro style, so I do think that if you’re into very retro stuff, you should definitely consider buying this dress.

Short Sleeve Vintage Plaid Retro Swing Dress

Botrong Dress for Women, Fashion Short Sleeve Vintage Dress Plaid ...

This is a zipper closure dress with three swatches that you can choose from. It is also mainly made out of polyester. This dress is probably the perfect choice once it’s around spring-summer and autumn, this dress is perfect for all of those seasons. It’s a casual dress that you can wear for almost every occasion out there, but it is definitely perfect for parties. The package dimensions that you’d probably expect when you eventually get the package would be 5.9 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches, with the shipping weight being 5.3 ounces. When it comes to this dress, you can choose between 2 colors, light blue and red, with the light blue being available with and without buttons, depending on your preferences. This dress will cost you from about 12 US Dollars to 13 US Dollars, with a 4-star rating.


This dress has 1 rating with 4 stars, with both good news and bad news that I’m sure you’d be interested in. This dress was absolutely loved by the customer and is very pleased with her purchase, and even bought the dress a second time since she loved it so much. And she also found it very comfortable to wear, so being comfortable is definitely something that this customer and I can assure you. They’ve also worn it with and without a crinoline, with both prove to be both gorgeous and comfortable. And the only thing that was a bit uncomfortable was that it was a bit on the longer side. So, if you do prefer dresses with a shorter skirt, I do think that you should still give this dress a try.

Vintage 1940s & 50s Shirtwaist Dress Oyza9pe Women's Vintage 1940s 50s Shirtwaist Flared ...

This is a zipper closure dress with many different dress colors and styles that you can choose from. Even though this dress does not share anything about their shipping information, most of the reviews that you can see are definitely very positive and are always willing to answer when you have any questions. It mostly has very positive reviews, with 48% of them being 5 stars. This mainly sells to countries like the United States of America, Canada, and European countries. This product is made of multiple materials depending on the dress of your choosing. It is also said to be made out of cotton, spandex, polyester, and other soft and silky materials that would make this dress very comfortable and absolutely perfect for you and your needs, making this a dress perfect for any other occasion that you may have. This dress will cost you about 20 US Dollars up to 40 US Dollars, with a four-star review, And with 6 size choices. But this dress does have something in its description talking about how the size runs small and that you should choose a size larger than you actually are. So, I do think that the company is great for mentioning that to their customers. This dress also has 57 ratings that we are definitely going to discuss.


Like I mentioned earlier, this dress does have 57 reviews, with most of it being 5 and 4 stars, proving both the legitimacy and the quality of this dress. And before we go ahead and talk about what’s so great about this dress, let’s talk about things that people may find uncomfortable and pretty much just what they don’t like about this dress. The first thing that makes this dress kind of uncomfortable is that this dress’s zipper may be hard actually to zipper considering the location where the zipper is located. And the way the shoulders fit may be too loose for your tastes. The size may also not be the perfect size you may be dreaming of, even if you’re considering what the company said. Moving onto the good news, this dress was absolutely lovely and adorable, and I’m pretty sure that everyone who bought this dress was still pleased to a certain extent.

Summer Cute Floral Shirtwaist Bohemian Dress

Nuofengkudu Womens Summer Cute Floral Printed Bohemian Spaghetti ...

This is a dress that will cost you about 16 US Dollars, and is also a button closure kind of shirtwaist dress. With the company selling this claiming this dress to be made out of 85% polyester and the rest of the 15% being cotton, making this dress incredibly soft and comfortable to wear and with 22 different designs of this dress that you can choose from. This is a sleeveless dress, making it perfect when it comes to seasons like summer and spring. This dress also has an average rating of 4 stars and also does not say anything about the package weight and dimensions, and with 41 ratings that we will definitely discuss soon. The seller does state that this dress is quite wrinkled because of the cotton component and also mentions that using a low iron will give you that perfect ad flowy effect that you’ll definitely want. They also do promise product exchange and money back, so if you do end up not liking this dress, you can always get your money back.


Let’s focus on the things that this dress is missing. Some reviews do say that the material is too thin, having no shape at all and even being kind of see-through. And a review even saying that one of the designs they have to do kind of look like grandma shirt. And the main thing that people are complaining about is the fabric that they use. But there definitely have been some complaints that maybe the best area is too tight and that the dress may be too long. And that is the main issue when it comes to the size you’re going for, so just remember to be careful about the size that you choose. This dress is definitely right on trend and is definitely comfortable, just as the description says. And it is also a dress that will work amazingly on your body. And it also is a stretchy and adorable dress. The material that is being used is definitely see-through but is breezy, and it’s not tight at all, considering that this dress is quite stretchy. Plus, this item is shipped very fast, and you can definitely get it in maybe even just a few days.

AmeriMark Women’s Paisley Shirtwaist Dress

AmeriMark Women's Paisley Shirtwaist Dress Knee Length Elastic ...

This is another button closure dress that will cost approximately 23 US Dollars and, in my opinion, does look very professional. This dress has an elastic waist and also comes with a safety belt. This dress is also mainly made out of a mix of both polyester and spandex, making this dress both easy to wear and easy to care, with the package weight being 1.06 pounds. And even though this dress has not had any buyers yet, I can still definitely say that this dress is gorgeous and that it is definitely perfect when it comes to the office or in other occasions that are quite formal. Sadly, I cannot write a review section about this product since, as I mentioned earlier, this dress does not have any ratings. This rating does only have one kind of design, which can be bad since there are definitely a lot of people out there who love choosing from a variety of designs. Nonetheless, this dress is absolutely perfect, and I’m sure that any girl out there would love having this dress.


Anyway, that’s the end of the best vintage shirtwaist dresses of 2020 that you should definitely get. So, can you tell me which one was your favorite? And if you haven’t checked out the dresses at all, what are you waiting for? The perfect vintage shirtwaist dress for you is just a few clicks away and is definitely not only affordable but also adorable and perfect for any girl out there looking for a good vintage shirtwaist dress that they can use in all of the four seasons, and yes, even winter. Just go ahead and where leggings and a few jackets or cardigans to go out with, and you’re [pretty much set for the winter. So, I do hope that you check out all of the dresses that I mentioned and that you do enjoy one of the vintage shirtwaist dresses that I mentioned here today.

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