Best Vintage Inspired Swimwear – Buying Guide

How to choose best vintage inspired swimwear?

If you are aware of different kinds of swimsuits, you can choose the most appropriate swimsuit as per your needs. Swimwear is available in various sizes, styles and colors. You should choose the best vintage inspired swimwear that highlights your best features and offers great comfort. You should be familiar with the one piece and two piece bathing suits so that the best one can be selected as per your needs.

Different types of swimsuits

There are several kinds of swimsuits in the market. The coverage varies from one swimsuit to another swimsuit. The vintage inspired swimwear highlights the bust region. The evolution of swimwear took place since mid 1900s.

As the lifestyle choices have increased the vintage chic-style swimwear is back in fashions. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly are the characters that you will associate with vintage inspired swimwear. The classic style is being reproduced with the 1950s update.

Vintage inspired collection includes polka dots and bold stripes as well. You can choose color blocking versions as well. Instead of going for reveling triangular bikini, you can choose the modest vintage collection. There will be great fit with vintage swimwear. The women can beat the summer by wearing comfortable and correct fit swimwear.

You can figure out the best vintage swimwear which will feature your attributes prominently and there will be great comfort as well. A fitness swimsuit is designed to do various kinds of exercises in water.

One piece vintage swimsuits

The fashion inspired vintage inspired swimwear is available in one piece and two piece swimsuits.

If the swimwear is made from a single piece of fabric, it is called as one piece swimsuit. There are various styles in one piece swimsuit. The coverage varies as per the swimsuit.

If you have a racer back and sleek fit swimsuit, there will be flexibility to make movements in water. The keyhole version will have a cut in the front of the swimsuit. The sides are concealed and there will not be let off on the belly.

As you go for a tank suit, it comes with a variety of top, back and leg opening style. The traditional swimsuit is also called as Maillot. The top and bottoms pieces are connected with a strip of fabric and it is called as Monokini. Even though the belly is covered, the sides are open.

The legs and thighs are covered with the one piece swimsuit in the skirted version. The skirt around the bottom is meant for proper coverage. In case of slingshot, two pieces of fabric will be connected to a skimpy bottom. The slingshot is ideal for fashion-conscious ladies. You should want to compromise on the functionality when you choose a slingshot version.

You should choose the swimsuit as per the dress code of the beach or pool.

Two piece vintage swimsuits

The two piece swimsuits are also called as bikinis. The tops and bottoms are produced as separate parts. You can purchase them separately or as a set. If you manage to buy separate items, the top and bottom can be changed as per your convenience.

If you have the flexibility in choosing different tops and bottoms, you can choose them as per the coverage or style. In some cases, it will be difficult to figure out the appearance of the swimsuit until you try on. You should choose various tops before settling for the best top.

You can go for vintage inspired swimwear as per the top type. The bandeau top will cover the chest prominently and there are strap as well as strapless versions to fulfill your needs.

With a butterfly top, the breasts are covered prominently with the fabric and they are well secured with the strings present on the side. There are strings which can be tied on the neck and back as well. The strings can be tied on the back to deliver strapless experience.

The frontal coverage varies with the halter top swimsuit. The front part is covered by a large piece of fabric and the straps are tied behind the neck and back. The tankini top delivers bikini resemblance.

The two piece swimsuit offers various kinds of bottoms. There will be maximum coverage with boy shorts. The hips and upper thighs will be covered in a very efficient manner. There will be low cut in the front and better coverage in the rear with the Brazilian bottom. You can manage moderate to full coverage with the scoop bottom type. There will be least amount of coverage with the thong and no rear coverage is provided with it. The bottom is useful in preventing tan lines. However, it is not ideal for swimming.

Requirements of a vintage swimsuit

The swimsuit should cover the body in a very efficient way. It should not be transparent and should protect your modesty. There should be free movement in water and it should not restrict the movement.

The swimsuit should be light in wet condition and it should repel water. The earliest swimsuits were made to cover the body prominently thereby protecting the modesty. The latest models are available in various styles. If you would like to go for ultra-fashions, there should be little compromise on the functionality.

History of Swimwear

The vintage swimwear was made with woolen fibers. There were attempts to incorporate fashionable details by the 1800s. The real impact on fashion was witnessed with the introduction of new set of swimwear in 1920s. Knitted wool material was used in the production of 1920s’ swimsuits.

Elastic thread coated with cotton or rayon was used in swimsuits made in 1930s. They offer great stretch and speedy recovery as well. Thus, you will be able to maintain the original shape under all circumstances. New versions were launched by offering prompt support to breasts so that the user will have great comfort.

The retro two-pieces were introduced during 1940s so that the fabric consumption was reduced drastically. There will be full coverage with the top and the built-in structure will amplify the beauty in a very efficient way.

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