Best Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles

Renowned Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles

Audrey Hepburn was the fashion icon during the mid-20th century. Throughout her life, she appeared with several unique hairstyles, which later became trendy among women. Audrey Hepburn was the pioneering actress of that era, and therefore, people still remember her fashion trends and hairstyles.

Of course, many individuals are still obsessed with her and love the way she used to dress and make up. Audrey got famous for her classic style and everlasting beauty. In fact, her brows, for which she got admired by people for many decades, were unique. Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyles remain trendy and will be for many decades to come. They still inspire many stylists of the modern era.

Audrey Hepburn Never Stuck to One Hairstyle

Was she searching for something different and unique because she appeared in various hairstyles? The answer is no, because Audrey was very professional and dedicated to her work. Her styles received a theatrical renovation for every film she stared in. She appeared with a glossy beehive in The Children’s Hour, wild and messy hair in The Unforgiven, and cute kiss curls in War and Peace. But her most famous look was the one she harbored in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She received admiration from all around the western world for this look. As she constantly had to change her appearance for each new movie, so did her hairstyle.

Who helped Hepburn Maintain the Natural Charm of Her Hair?

It was British trichologist Philip Kingsley who helped Hepburn maintain the natural, glossy, and healthy finish of her hair for a long time. She met him in London in 1974, after her marriage. At this point, she took a break from her career and visited Kingsley’s clinic. He didn’t realize that she was Hepburn until he met her. And later, he was surprised that a world-famous movie actress stepped into his clinic.

Audrey wanted to improve the texture and health of her hair. The constant changes in her hairstyles had damaged it, and so she wanted to mend her hair as soon as possible. Of course, it was difficult for Kingsley at that age, but he met the challenge by providing her with Elasticizer, a pre-shampoo cure that is still popular to prevent hair from falling and as a hair repair treatment. She took this treatment for the rest of her life, and thus, maintained the charm of her hairstyles for as long as she lived.

The Most Famous Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles of All Time:

As mentioned earlier in this post, Audrey Hepburn used to change her hairstyle for each new movie. These are a few of the most famous hairstyles Hepburn influenced others with.

  • The Roman Holiday, 1953:

The Roman Holiday was a great movie, and that immortal scene of Princess Anya who visits the hair salon and chops her hair off still lives in the memory of many viewers. The princess does it to announce and celebrate her freedom. It was an amazing scene from an amazing movie, during which Audrey appeared with a new and unique hairstyle.

  • Sabrina, 1954:

Sabrina is a movie that endorses rags-to-riches tale, which has now become one of the most legendary stories of all time. Of course, Hepburn’s style transformation played a vital role in making this movie so memorable. Although many decades have passed, this look of Audrey still seems fresh and contemporary.

  • War and Peace, 1956:

Audrey appeared with her loosely curled fringe in this movie, and her hairstyle once again endorsed her feminine beauty. That movie and her role are still very much alive in many people’s minds due to Hepburn’s charming look.

  • Love in the Afternoon, 1957:

Hepburn appeared with a waved, pinned hairstyle in this movie, which offered her a mature and elegant look. Yes, you can call it one of Audrey Hepburn’s most admired and timeless hairstyles. In this film, she had played the role of a young cello student who falls in love with Gary Cooper.

  • Funny Face, 1957:

The Funny Face movie is, itself, a fashion trip to the mid-20th century. It has become a phenomenal movie of that era due to the amazing performances of several actors, including Audrey, who portrayed an important character. Nowadays, her dance still lives rent-free in people’s minds. Audrey appeared with several hairstyles and restyles throughout this movie, but the one with the back bun was the most impressive and timeless.

  • The Unforgiven, 1960:

The Unforgiven is one of those movies in which Hepburn appeared with a long and bohemian hairstyle. Although it was an unusual look for her, Audrey looks quite amazing in this movie.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961:

It is the movie for which Audrey received a huge response from people. Viewers mainly remember her for the topknot hairstyle that she adopted for this movie. Her highlights, perfectly managed bun, and makeup all very well endorsed her appearance in this timeless movie. Her Breakfast at Tiffany’s hairstyle remains famous among modern women.

  • Charade, 1963:

Charade is a movie in which Audrey’s beehive had started to evolve, as it got a modern twist for the occasion. She had effectively beautified this style with an array of impressive pillbox hats.

  • My Fair Lady, 1964:

Audrey’s hairstyle in this movie is certainly not an easy-to-form hairstyle, and many stylists have failed to recreate the timeless look of Audrey in My Fair Lady. It is one that only professionals can achieve for you.

Of course, Audrey Hepburn constantly altered her looks for many other movies. But all those hairstyles gained huge popularity among common people. Of course, some of those hairstyles were easy to style while some others were very difficult. One can clearly consider Audrey Hepburn a fashion icon who could dress up well and look glamorous and timeless. She was wonderful, and her hairstyles are timeless.



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