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Vintage is a kind of style that has a lot of fans all over the world. There has also been a lot of people trying to recreate that vintage vibe and, of course, clothing. Vintage clothing is something that’s loved by millions of people trying to recreate all of the vintage outfits. There are definitely a ton of outfits that are considered to be vintage and are praised all over the world. One of those outfits is sailor outfits, to be more specific, Women’s Vintage Sailor Outfit.

If you’re one of those people who are absolutely in love with vintage outfits and pretty much just a vintage aesthetic, you probably know about these vintage sailor outfits, and you may be looking to recreate on yourself. But if you’re a person who doesn’t know what a vintage sailor outfit is and what it looks like, you have so much to learn. Let’s start with the basic design of a women’s vintage sailor outfit. But there are different designs according to the years that you wish to follow. So, here is a list of sailor outfits from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and the ones that are the most familiar with us today.

The 1920s

The top that was considered to be everywhere and was pretty much trendy back in the 1920s is middy tops. What are middy tops? Well, they’re pretty much just the female versions of the tops that men wore and the top that was considered to be men’s vintage sailor outfit. Anyway, this top was pretty much a white or blue pullover loose shirt that had a red or blue necktie and was lastly completed with a sailor flap. Sweaters and jackets were added to accompany a white dress or a white skirt. But hats, belts, and scarves added so much more variety.

The 1930s

The 1930s was the time where color really started to show when it comes to sailor outfits. Instead of the usual white and blue, red was starting to be a color that was slowly being so much more than a pop of color in the usual sailor outfit. They also added more stripes to the outfit that made the uniform so much more interesting compared to the usual. I mean, there were even custom shoes made for sailor outfits. There were a variety of kinds of shoes that were made back in the 1930s, whether it would be loafers, sporty tennis shoes, sandals, and so much more.

The 1940s

Vintage Sailors outfit in beach

A high waisted pair of pants with buttons was the most popular style back then. And with the World War 2, the red white and blue color was considered to be patriotic support back in the 1940s, so instead of wearing sailor outfits for spring and summer, it was pretty much worn all year round, mostly because of the patriotic colors that were featured. And stripes are still in fashion during the 1940s, stripes we’re starting to be so much more common during this time. For summer, striped t-shirts with shorts were probably the most trendy summer outfit.

The 1950s

During the 1950s, the trends that consisted of stripes, anchor motifs, and buttons were almost starting to disappear, with the world taking on a fancier and much more sophisticated women’s Vintage Sailor outfit. All of the colors, red, blue, and white, we’re made to work together for the sailor outfit back in the 1950s, with red being commonly replaced with the color of pink. And sailor outfits pretty much just slowly disappeared in the 1960s, eventually coming back at around the 1980s.


I’m pretty sure that we all know what a sailor outfit looks like nowadays, with Japanese students wearing sailor-style uniforms. But I can’t say that the ones that we see every day so count as being a vintage outfit. But what I do know is that not wearing a sailor outfit for both summer and spring would be a chance that you wouldn’t miss for the world, especially if you also love vintage styles.

When it comes to making your sailor outfit from scratch, it is hard. That’s why people all over the world are making their kind of special way of making their sailor outfit. You can even purchase your online shopping sites. But there are also other simpler ways to make your own cute little sailor outfit, but probably only with the more recent designs. So, here’s a quick step by step to make your own very simple sailor outfit.

  • The very first step to this is to purchase a shirt pretty much just, preferably a short one that has stripes on it with the colors blue and white.
  • The next step is to go ahead and once again buy a navy blue skirt that isn’t too long.
  • Find or buy a red scarf or an ascot. So, you can tie it around your neck to complete the set of patriotic colors.
  • Buy a sailor hat, unless you do have one just lying around.
  • For your shoes, going for a black or blue pair of flats is the right choice.
  • You should not tuck in your shirt, so once you have both the skirt and shirt on, always remember to tuck the shirt in.
  • You can also add socks or stockings if you want to achieve this schoolgirl sailor look.

The schoolgirl-sailor outfit is something that I wouldn’t consider to be vintage but is a great alternative when it comes to vintage sailor outfits. But you can also buy your vintage sailor outfit online or in a store that might have some for sale. But making it from scratch and sewing it up is also something that you can do if you have enough experience. But sewing it yourself is a hard task, and you’re going to need a lot of patience when sewing your own Women’s Vintage Sailor Outfit.

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