Long time ago cute couple had an idea to make perfect website where all necessary would be included. Sometimes we think that idea is older than the world. Cute couple decide to act and started to make dreams come true. Laura and Tom started to develop website in 2015. We know that year 2015 is hard to compare to 1950s vintage, but still its story of this wonderful vintage website. We have made not only website with informative articles but also vintage product reviews, blog, images, social network and Vintage Shop with more than 1000 products.

Our Mission: Offer Vintage Fashion in Modern look and style.

In our blog you will find information about vintage style clothing, wearing tips, products reviews and most important articles how to look beautiful.

You may think how we found best products. Very simple. We found good looking products, with lot of orders and rating with at least  four stars from five. We read buyers reviews and make decisions. Secretofdiva.com is like filter for best vintage clothing and even more for you to make your choose easy. To make thinks better we added not just vintage clothing but also vintage bikes, vintage bike accessories, vintage jewelry and probably thanks to you its not gonna be over.

By every purchase You make, we make our research. Our visitors is most important for us. Of Course Vintage is our passion but its not all about us. Its about everyone who loves vintage. We believe that in old days stuff was made with high quality. People made stuff to serve longer. So we made this vintage website with vintage products and we hope it will serve as long as possible.

At SecretofDiva discover vintage style clothing for every taste and age. Shop for best selection of vintage dresses, shoes, hats, gloves, tights, hair bands, handbags, swimwear, sunglasses, umbrellas, skirts and many more for women. Our clothing shop is divided in sections of each vintage clothing style. We make every best effort to source only the most amazing and glamorous clothing for our vintage clothing fans and community from the best stores worldwide. Whether you’re going for delicate or free-time clothes, we carry it all, and everything in between.