1950s Summer Clothes and History

Small brief of 1950s Fashion History

In 1950s World War II and economic boom depression was over. Those man who was focused on war or war related fields, returned back to normal job. There was no more war pressure, depression, running away and hiding. People could smile, enjoy and be creative again. It was time to reborn and blossom out. Not just economy and demography (baby boom) was recovering but also fashion. In 50s summer stores started to concentrate to women needs, it was because of no need to women work again – man was back to work. Fashion stores, manufacturers and designers found lack of fresh fashion in market. Now women’s has more time to pay attention to how they look. It was star hour for designers like Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balmain, Coco Chanel (The New Look). It was like boom in fashion. Colorful dresses, shiny handbags, stylish glasses, attractive high-heeled shoes and intelligent hats.


Portrayals of dress included inconspicuous signals that specific attire and stylish looks would help ladies either satisfy their spouses or help them discover a spouse. Indeed, even the portrayals of men’s apparel showed that ladies would in all likelihood be picking and acquiring the dress for their spouses. There was additionally a specific way that ladies were required to look. Teenagers and young adults fashion started to rise and advance. This fashion niche was more found in TV shows, movies, music and many more. So it was opportunity for adult to feel young again. There was no problem for adults to find teenagers dress, shoes, hats with fitting size.


Women’s 1950s Summer fashion trends

1950s summers was time for women’s and girls to shine. 50s made history special because of small nudity in fashion. Women’s started to show their bodies more often in 50s summer.

  • Halter topped dresses were a best alternative for the beach or for summer leisure, free time and parties.
  • Corset like swimwear was more and more popular. Swimwear was all in one style.
  • Women’s took hard care to cover up their hairstyle even when swimming. They used swimming caps. Swimming caps was decorated.
  • It was stylish to wear gloves and hats outside home. Gloves where larger for formal meetings and shorter for home parties. Gloves symbolize grace and finesse.
  • Coco Chanel’s The New Look revealed brimmed garden style hates. Smaller hats ruled in 1950s. Most of the hats was in summer and spring colors.
  • Wide range of color glasses made 50s special. Glasses was fashion statement in 1950s. Most popular was cat’s eye style glasses.
  • 50s jewelry was classic. Iconic necklaces, pearls, faux was dictating 50s jewelry. For costumes best choice was plastic pop beads. Watches where slim and rings where subdued. As of earing in 50s were popular clip-on earrings.
  • Shoes in 50s become more comfortable than before. High heels was popular in 1950s. In hot summer what can be better than breathing high heels to attract opposite sex. Women’s footwear wasn’t only fashion icon but comfort standards. For summer, pool party and beach best choice was Espadrilles.
  • In 1950s most popular socks was Booby socks.
  • In World War II women’s worked in factories and to make their work more comfortable they wore pants. And it made new discovery in women’s fashion. Till now days women’s wears pants. Tight knit slacks and short shorts, trousers made huge inroads into women’s fashions in 1950s.

At home or beach in 50s women’s wore short shorts with tucked in blouses. Other choice was tied shirts.


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