1950s Style Accessories

Period of the 1950s Style and Accessories

The 1950s was a period of excitement, glamour, fashion and variety of stylish accessories. It is known that accessories can easily complete every outfit and make you stand out in a crowd. These are the things ladies used to style themselves in the 1950s and they still can accentuate your outfit even today. 1950s style popularity is growing and no secret that it will return.



They played a very important role in 1950s when every lady wore gloves. There was a huge variety of them-different lengths, colors patterns and styles. Most commonly used were short white gloves, therefore woman always had a few pairs of them at home. When ladies wanted to look trendy and glamorous, they wore white, long gloves. This look was even more popular after the release of classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961.



The 1950s were a decade where almost everybody was wearing sunglasses. One of the most popular trends – the cat eye. They became well known in the ’50s by breathtaking celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. But even today they sparkle in the spotlight, so the charm of these sunglasses is not lost.


Hat was like a final touch to a lady’s outfit in the 1950s. If you wanted to redesign effectively last year’s outfit or just freshen up your looks, then a brand new hat or a fresh decoration or ornament such as leaves and flowers could easily reach your goal. There were different styles of hats – pillbox hats, floral hats, beret and knitted beret hats with tassels or pom-pom.

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Bags in the 1950s meant handbags which were generally held by the hand or over the arm. Bag types like clutch handbags and beaded purses were very popular. 1950s was different also in colors; ladies now had an opportunity to have satin purses and clutches in pinks, purples, and chartreuse. Also larger bags were used, but mostly for practical reasons – when women travelled and needed larger space for their essentials. Bucket bags and raffia bags were also useful accessories.

We love vintage 1950s style and that’s why we have gathered most popular clothing for you.

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