Sports Single Speed Road Bicycle Classic Track Fixed Gear fits up to 6’4″

$199.00 (as of June 28, 2017, 11:07 pm)

Type: Urban Bike – Fixed Gear; Frame Material: Hi-Ten Steel
Brake Type: Caliper-Side Pull; Gender: Unisex; Frame Size: Adjustable Seat For Height Range 5’5″ to 6’4″
Rear Hub: Flip-Flop(Double Sided with; Freewheel/Fixed Cog) Saddle: Racing Style

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Mild with an optimum anti-drive crank set to forestall the chain from slipping. Options double brakes and fine quality tires to come up with a secure and dependable town cruise.
Constructed from Hello-ten Metal and powerful alloy tubes. Receives four-layers of mud free electrostatic paint, 3- layers of protecting oil, plus 2- layers of protecting movie to ensure an enduring dazzling end.
Frames are constructed stiff for optimum potency. Seat tubes have an leading edge retractable design to permit for height changes. The seat Subject matter is Constructed from a waterproof, non-slip, corrosion resistant Subject matter.
Fastened-Equipment and single-speed Equipment in a single rear hub, to offer the rider selection and versatility.
Each and every section from the wheelsets, to the headset, to the handlebars is thoroughly decided on and examined by way of our senior engineers.
Trip like you will have by no means ridden before. On a real Solomone Cavalli.
Kind: Urban Motorbike – Fastened Equipment; Body Subject matter: Hello-Ten Metal
Brake Kind: Caliper-Aspect Pull; Gender: Unisex; Body Measurement: Adjustable Seat For Height Vary five’five” to six’four”
Rear Hub: Turn-Flop(Double Sided with; Freewheel/Fastened Cog) Saddle: Racing Taste
Install: ninety% Assembled with Gear Kit & Detailed Information
Free Presents Included: Rear Mirrored image & Kickstand; Weight: 30 lbs

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