Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser 3-Speed Bike

$219.99 (as of June 28, 2017, 10:15 pm)

Three-speed 26″ classic beach cruiser with an internal hub and coaster brake
Adorned with wide tires, a wide saddle, and soft foam grips for a comfortable ride
Hand-built steel frame for better shock absorption and a softer ride than aluminum

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Very important Cycles is cruising into the town with a complete new game. Although simply as swish and simply as horny as its predecessor, our three speed beach cruisers are more purposeful. Ride up hills, down hills, and around hills in this cruiser. Like our single speed cruisers, our three speeders are Decorated with mild brown artificial leather grips and an ideal wide, super at ease seat. However what sets this cruiser apart is the Sturmey Archer three speed hub. Positive, to the untrained ear, “Sturmey Archer” sounds just like the name of a dapper old man sitting in his corner chair puffing on his tobacco-packed pipe. However to the bicycle enthusiast, “Sturmey Archer” is synonymous with high quality made, Prime-finish bicycle parts. One of the vital perfect portions about incorporating a Sturmey Archer hub is that the gears are operated internally. As such, all the essential parts required to shift gears are tucked away and safe from dust, dust, and water, making it more dependable and more uncomplicated to care for than a derailleur. Apart from these sensible facets, the design may be very blank with no derailleur hanger. There’s a single cable that is going in an instant from the handlebars to the hub. Additionally, this three speeder is provided with a coaster brake, moving the keep an eye on over your motorcycle and your ride back to you. Additionally, moving gears is amazingly easy with a easy twist of the wrist. Disregard the effort of taking your hands off the bars or coping with a pesky thumb shifter. C’mon. Get cruising.
Three-speed 26″ classic beach cruiser with an internal hub and coaster brake
Decorated with wide tires, a large saddle, and cushy foam grips for a at ease ride
Hand-built steel frame for higher shock absorption and a softer ride than aluminum
Prime handlebars for an upright riding position
Supplied with a coaster brake for simple braking

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