Ancheer Single speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch for Urban Lady

$599.99 (as of June 28, 2017, 11:47 pm) $109.99

26-inch lady’s single-speed relaxed riding cruiser bike made of high quality Industrial aluminum, sturdy anti-rust and lightweight.
Multi-bracket frame is more strong and give you security while riding an afternoon.
Easily riding, easy-to-use coaster brakes.Wear-resistant brake pads

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Product Figures:
Riding Sort:Ideal for informal, recreational riding on flatter terrain
Riding Distance:As much as 40 miles
Riding Speed:3 to 30 MPH
Riding Terrain:Pavement, laborious-packed trails

Designed with comfort, ease, and magnificence as best priorities, CRALOVE bikes are fitted to an unlimited vary of riders. Neighborhoods, towns, parks, and beaches are all nice places to pedal a CRALOVE.

Perfect Cycling Revel in:
The classic, curvy steel cruiser frame is complemented by 26-inch aluminum wheels, which feature 2.125-inch wide tires that roll smooth and simple in addition to cushion the bumps as you ride over them freely. The wide, outsized seat completes your comfort with twin springs that assist in making the ride comfortable and comfortable. Different options come with wide cruiser motorcycle handlebars with artificial leather grips, waffle tread tires, and a guard to give protection to pant cuffs from getting caught within the chain. The motorcycle is distributed 80 % assembled. CRALOVE has been designing top of the range, reasonably priced bikes for over 10 years with a focal point on blending taste and functionality to create a amusing,adventurous Revel in for riders — no longer only a mode of transportation.

Start Your Journey:
It does not matter in case you are riding across the neighborhood, heading the shop, or simply out taking part in the day. It is all in regards to the journey, and CRALOVE makes positive you’ll be able to benefit from the ride.
26-inch woman’s single-speed at ease riding cruiser motorcycle Product of top of the range Industrial aluminum, sturdy anti-rust and light-weight.
Multi-bracket frame is more sturdy and provide you with security even as riding a day.
Simply riding, simple-to-use coaster brakes.Wear-resistant brake pads
Wide and deep lines tires with nice grip. Ideal for ladies from 5 to 6 feet tall
Rubber grips handlebars, outsized seat with twin springs for additonal comfort.Product of Anti-rust subject material and Anti-rust paints. 2 years quality guaranty!!!

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