1950s Dresses

The 1950s dresses puts imagination to work. History of vintage dresses might started in ice age. But boom started in middle of 20th century. Not revealing all the details of women’s body vintage dress makes Secret of Diva. In 1950s dresses and clothing where started to manufacture in mass. Clothing standards was improved and many fashion fans could afford favorite clothing. Huge fashion effect was from Europe – Paris. Many European fashion designers created clothing standards and icons. Dior’s iconic ‘New Look’ arrived in Paris in 1947 and it was new clothing world. Doors was open for new ideas and winds in fashion trends. There are only few vintage online shops where you can find good vintage dresses. In our vintage shop you can find best 1950s dresses for party, every day, rockabilly, pin-up or casual evening. This Vintage dress selection was found by best rated, reviewed and most sold. Pay attention to size charts and enjoy shopping 1950s dresses.

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