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Retro Bikini High Waist Perfect for Your Body?

Bathing suits and retro bikini high waist are generally worn by a lot of actresses and models who made it popular amongst the masses as well. Yet, times and again, the stereotyped definition of pear-shaped body, makes the plus-sized women lose confidence in themselves. Even the curviest and perfect women start feeling uncomfortable about them […]

high waist bikinis at beach

Do High Waisted Bikinis Look Good?

Many women have a notion that high waisted bikinis are meant for only the bulky ones. However, this thought is totally wrong and thrown out of your mind right away. It has been almost five to six years that high waist bikinis have hit back in the trend. They are now counted as one of […]

Are retro bikini flattering and sexy?

Are Retro Bikini Flattering?

Bikinis have always made women look beautiful and attractive. They bring out the best of their body enhancing their shape as well as over all look. If you want to flatter a guy or want to look extremely sexy, then no outfit can beat the two pieced magic cloth called bikini. The trend of wearing […]