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Most Popular Vintage Inspired Dresses and Buying Guide

Introduction of Vintage Inspired Dresses The fashion trends change quite quickly. You do not wear clothes that women used to wear 10 years ago. New designs of the dresses quickly take over the market and thus the old trends get vanished. People do not care too much about modern clothing trends because the dresses are […]

1950s Style

1950s Style Accessories

Period of the 1950s Style and Accessories The 1950s was a period of excitement, glamour, fashion and variety of stylish accessories. It is known that accessories can easily complete every outfit and make you stand out in a crowd. These are the things ladies used to style themselves in the 1950s and they still can […]

Teen and Children Clothing in 1950s

Full layer skirt with a sweater or blouse traditionally combined, used in Halloween parties or other costume parties, not far away from the way the teenagers used them in 1950s. A dress with a bustier adjusted and a long skirt that fell to mid-calf was the usual set for children in 1950s. It was expected and […]

List: 1950s Outfit Fashion Trends

We have gathered Fashion trends in 1950s. Have a short look. It all started in 1947 with Christian Dior’s “New Look” fashion gathering. The gathering was Dior’s first, and it effectively reestablished Paris as the design capital of the world. Attributes of this iconic gathering included full, mid-length skirts, pointed busts and little waists. Jewel […]

Rockabilly Clothing Look – Dresses, Shoes and Accessories Online

What is Rockabilly? Rockabilly come from South of the United States in 1950s after World War II. Rockabilly is a fashion and lifestyle from rock and roll music. Rockabilly clothing was important part. Rockabilly genre mixes Western music (country) with blues and rhythm. It wasn’t just over. Rockabilly born influencing by western swing, boogie woogie, jump blues and electric […]

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TOP 5 Best Selling 1950s Style Dresses

1950s Style Dresses Secret of Diva team has decided to make a TOP 5 of vintage 1950s style dresses. Sometimes its easier to choose from 5 dresses then more than 130 dresses. Its nothing unusual to have many opportunities and its difficult to choose best match. Did you ever have hard time to choose from […]

1950s Summer Clothes and History

Small brief of 1950s Fashion History In 1950s World War II and economic boom depression was over. Those man who was focused on war or war related fields, returned back to normal job. There was no more war pressure, depression, running away and hiding. People could smile, enjoy and be creative again. It was time […]

Where to Buy 1950s Style Dresses Online

So, you are thinking where to buy 1950s style dresses? How to buy and find best 1950s vintage retro dress for you? Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. We provide the best selection of buy 1950s style dresses and clothing online. We provide affordable and democratic prices for 50s vintage style dresses. Secret of […]