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Buying Best Short Vintage Wedding Dresses

Short Vintage Wedding Dresses Popularity The brides start wondering about the full length wedding gowns, when they decide to get married. The full length dresses have become a norm today, but you should know that there were also some brides who tried the short vintage wedding dresses. The brides mostly wore these dresses on the […]

Most Popular Vintage Inspired Dresses and Buying Guide

Introduction of Vintage Inspired Dresses The fashion trends change quite quickly. You do not wear clothes that women used to wear 10 years ago. New designs of the dresses quickly take over the market and thus the old trends get vanished. People do not care too much about modern clothing trends because the dresses are […]

Trashy Vintage: A One Woman Fashion Machine

Crystal Haines, a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, brings vintage fashion to the internet through her online clothing store, Trashy Vintage. Crystal Haines is building a reputation for finding gems in thrift stores throughout Southern California and making them available to vintage lovers everywhere. Her online store holds up to three hundred items at a given […]